Elfuegos Power Leveling Video Guide in 6.0 WOD

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Elfuegos Power Leveling Video Guide in 6.0 WOD

Post by Elfuego » November 26th, 2014, 8:57 am

This is the First area of Powerleveling and new in 6.0 here you will face off Gargra and her pack of wolves, and after her demise its a curios team of [pet]Jade Crane Chick[/pet] and a [pet]Kun-lai Runt[/pet]. I know it sounds like a strange conbination, but the mixture of critters here with weak attacks against the Flier will make sense. Also, you should have a level 2 Garrison by now, and that will shorten your Revive Pet skill down to 4 minutes, VERY handy and easy on the bandages! Its Literaly a circle here after defeating Gargra. I have Interact with Target keybound to F1, It makes it very easy to target the pet to fight then just spam F1 untill you reach a usable battlefield. Set the Crane Chick up with [ability]Thrash[/ability], [ability]Jadeskin[/ability] and [ability]Cyclone[/ability]. Set the runt with Thrash, [ability]Frostshock[/ability] and [ability]Rampage[/ability]. When facing the [pet]Icespine Hatchling[/pet] use the Jadeskin first, then thrash away. Use Cyclone to soften up any background fliers when theres 2. To save health on the Jade chick, Swap into the Runt when theres two critters as there weak against humanoids.

Powerleveling in 6.0 Video Guide : [url]http://youtu.be/LfhLLFJZ8xA[/url]
Powerleveling in 6.0 Strategy Guide: [url]http://www.wowpetbattle.com/speedleveling.html[/url]

I look forward to your thoughts and success!

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