Uncommon non-wild upgrade sorted by family

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Uncommon non-wild upgrade sorted by family

Post by Hellomynameis » November 30th, 2012, 2:07 pm

I was about to make a seperate Aquatic upgrade topic, but I realized there is a need for a list of all upgradeable non-wild pets sorted by family. If you want to rate them based on PvP/PvE usability, be my guest, but my basic idea was just to see what non-wild uncommon(or lower) pets there are out there, sorted by family. If there exists a similar pet with the same breed id obtainable from the wild, please note in the list what replacement pet+id there are, since its not really a must-use-upgrade-stone kinda pet.

I'll start us off, by listing the aquatic non-rare pets, since the two first stones I got were aquatic. Feel free to correct it, or even contribute with your very own family list that others can correct. I'll try to update this first post as more and more lists are posted, to keep it all neat and tidy.

Aquatic non-rare non-wild pets
  • Sea Pony
  • Fishy #22/ Tiny Goldfish #21
  • Speedy
  • Jubling
  • Mr. Chilly(same as Tundra Penguin #9)
  • Shore Crawler(same as Emperor Crab #4 and Shore Crab #3 + #7)
  • Tree Frog(same as Frog #12)
  • Wood Frog(same as Mojo)
As you can see, 4 of the 8 pets in this list has rare replacements elsewhere. Speedy and Jubling has replacements, but not with the same breed id. Sea Pony and Fishy(or Tiny Goldfish) are therefore perhaps the best options. I'll opt for Fishy first, just because he has a few health points more.

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my list

Post by Soulean » November 30th, 2012, 10:37 pm

Have not done a ton of research on this other then go through my list and think what I want upgraded.

humanoid - peddlefeet
dragonkin - infinite whelpling
flying - gilnean raven
undead - ghostly skull
critter - wolpertinger
magic - minfernal
elemental - tiny snowman
beast - jungle grub
aquatic - fishy
mechanical - fluxfire feline

of note: dragonkin/magic/mechanical are battle earned pets. Didn't find any uncommon pets that really stuck out for me that you couldn't get a rare pet. The 3 listed are some of the harder to get pets that I will be using at some point in pvp battles.


curious wolvar pup
father winters helper

creepy crate
sen'jin fetish


enchanted broom
enchanted lantern
mana wyrmling

feline familiar
tons of uncommon beasts

clockwork rocket bot ( blue version seems to have lower hp higher speed )
personal world destroyer ( anyone who playing when this guys big brother was new will understand)
tranquil mechanical yeti
pet bombling is trumped in my opinion by the darkmoon zeppelin

dragonkin/flying seemed very limited from an uncommon non pet battle point of view. One thing to note - not really a big fan of the flying pets so might be worth someone else who does like them to have a look.

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