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Yet Another Big Adventure Page

Post by Superdmason » October 29th, 2014, 3:07 pm

As opposed to hijacking Chibimage's thread on the adventure achievement strategy, I decided to just post my own thread for discussion of my blog's strategies. I've really enjoyed reading about how best to get started with the Plushie and other garrison type things that will be new in November over there.

I'm not someone who enjoys playing in a beta atmosphere, so the only information I have at my disposal is what's on live. I have certainly read about other's experiences on beta and am grateful for the information they share so that I can be more prepared when it becomes live.

Last week's (US) celestial tournament tamers are all posted, this week's tamers are written and will be posted in the coming days. The 3rd week of tournament tamers will be tested and posted in the week leading up to WoD launch. All of the days in-between will fill in the blanks leaving only the WoD tamers themselves left to test and defeat when Warlords is live.

I do enjoy the puzzle aspect of figuring out the right moves and pets to crack the nut of a tamer battle, and I hope that sharing it with the community here will be of use to someone. Let me know if you find better ways of doing the same fight, and I'll write it up and give you credit.

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