LF Assistence: Pet Breeds & What to look for

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LF Assistence: Pet Breeds & What to look for

Post by Taiine » October 22nd, 2014, 11:10 am

First let me say I understand breeds. I know the different breeds and what they mean. But I'm not sure what breeds to be looking for per pet. When would one spec be better over another?

I keep hearing B/B being the worst, one you don't want. But is that just because of the even split or could it be more desired?

I cant name each pet I'm speaking of, every toon of mine has their own theme or themes of pets that I use with them.
I can say though one of my main teams uses a Ruby Sapling, and it's B/B, and yeah, it don't survive very long nor does it do much damage compared to the other two on the team.

So really, what would be best to look for in terms of Breed for the roles pets have?

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Re: LF Assistence: Pet Breeds & What to look for

Post by Luciandk » October 22nd, 2014, 11:38 am


Check the guide, explains why B/B is considered undesirable. But in many cases it just cant be avoided, yet the ability set makes the pet very good. Such as Blossoming Ancient.

But in general you want to look for things like:
Non priority dodge move? Be speedy!

Move that benefit from going last like Tail Sweep? You do not want speed!

You have a move like pounce that benefits from going first. You want to be speedy!

You have a priority attack move like Surge? You laugh at being speedy.

Undead? You want to be a slow, lumbering zombie to get another turn of immortality.

Humanoid? You benefit from skyhigh health, as your racial scales with health. Part of what which makes Anubisath idol so useful.

Your pet have a heal? Stack power, baby, heals scale with power.

Special mention, Flying pets usually want to stack power as their innate 50% speedbuff makes them fast enough to not care about being naturally slow. Dreadh Hatchling is a perfect example of a 'slow', super hard hitting flyer that usually always goes first.

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