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two adders and a crow

Posted: September 18th, 2014, 5:39 am
by Kendrah
I keep coming up against this team and it's kicking my butt. :lol: Can anyone help with a decent team that'll do good against it?

I hate the pet names too. They're derogatory to women and being a woman, I wanna kick his ass. T^T Is there any way to report pet names by now? /sigh

Thanks ya'll's! Just hit 200 wins. Only 50 more to go! XD

Re: two adders and a crow

Posted: September 18th, 2014, 11:13 am
by Vek
Vengeful Porcupette will clear that right up for you. Two and you are set. If you don't want to go double use a minefield and an elemental as well.

Re: two adders and a crow

Posted: September 18th, 2014, 11:26 am
by Genome
Just curious, do you know the breeds of the adders? For the teams I list, I will assume that both adders are s/s. Also, does he normally lead off with the same pet every time no matter what you run against him, and if he does, which is it? It is important when formulating a strat against them :).

My first thought is anti-adder warfare of a kind, with no special counter for the crow. Luckily, you have a myriad of options to choose from because you have a freaking GREAT pet stable! My first suggested pet is the CG. Run him with 1/1/1, and keep him healthy. His turret hits 2-out-of-3 shots through BP, and MF hits beasts hard, but you need something to use when blind, so it may be a good idea to lead off with a metal fist to see what the other adder does when facing it, or just drop the turret and switch another pet in and watch the adder melt. For this group, I will lean to a bit more defensive ability with incremental dmg. My other two pets would be Lil' Bling (2/2/1), and Emperor Crab (2/1/1). Bling is used mostly on the crow, and while he doesn't seem well-suited for it, with extra plating up you should almost surely beat that duel 1-on-1, with a little Bling (yeah, I just said that!) left over. The great thing about Bling here is that he can debuff the new adder with Inflation (assuming he lives long enough to get it to connect if he BP's initially..a bit iffy there), or leave a strong DoT on the field with MiR. The crab speaks for itself really. Remember, keeping SS up is the most import thing to do; it takes away so much of the adder's pressure. The crab also has two things to do when blind, which is great, and running with Surge you are "technically" only blind for one round if you attack first, but it is still more important to have SS going so keep that in mind on the first turn with the crab. I like having the "go first" option when the opponent is getting into kill range.

Another option is a minefield team. If he leads off with the crow and doesn't switch in an adder until you MF, then switch back in to eat the MF with his crow, he is in trouble vs. a MF team, which sucks for the crow because he then loses the flyer racial, which is 3/4's of what make crows/ravens/d. hatchlings good in the first place. Either way, it's big dmg that he can do little about. His only "counters" for MF are dmg and BP. A Warbot's MF hitting an adder is a sight to behold. Two MF's hitting, with one hitting at least one adder, makes this pretty much an easy win. You can even run with two MF pets just to be safe (I would make sure that one of them is the Warbot though), with the third something that deals with the crow reasonably well, like the Fel Flame, Kirin Tor Familiar, or NFD (Just soak the initial Call Darkness with another pet....the dragon can soak the NS and slot 1 attacks). I like leading with the Warbot here, and once again, if he leads with the crow and leaves him in to CD/NS, he is in trouble. Same deal with the Warbot as before; Extra Plating->Minefield, switch into the anti-crow pet, and watch the feathers fly and the first adder in to get obliterated in almost one shot.

Yet another option is very similar to my first team, but replace the crab with a Skywisp Moth. He is faster than the adders while above half health (so keep him in the backline until needed!), and Call Lightning is a strong nuke to hit beasts with, and it synergizes ridiculously well with Bling and CG. One turret buffed with TS will shred a full-health adder in short order, and it is going to hit through BP. Lil' Bling is on crow duty once again, and if he can stay alive to benefit from TS, watch out, though this will require some switching. MiR and Inflation are pretty lethal against adders when buffed by TS, but he is not as reliable as the CG here as he has no true answer for BP other than trying to survive though it (or at least leaving the buffed DoT behind). If you managed to switch in the moth, get TS rolling and the suckered the adder into blinding the moth, roll out Bling and profit.

There is another option that I have had success with; the "always hit" team. This team consists of NFD (2/1/1), Xu-Fu (1/2/2), and Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (1/1/1). Sunreaver is replaceable with something else with Laser, but I like his durability and TS against the adders. If he is a crow-starter, your first pet in will be Xu-Fu, to soak the CD. Now, switch in the NFD and kill that crow! Make sure to have moonlight running for Xu-Fu. With ML up, Prowl->Spirit Claws will likely one-shot an adder right through BP, and makes me grin evilly every single time I do it. SRMS is there for cleanup duty. With this team, you also have the option of weather switching the crow. Another thing to note; while Xu-Fu is here for his ability to hit the adders through BP, he is also an option to kill the crow in two rounds, though against the two adders he will lose steam quickly after the crow is down. Prowl->Moonlight will one-shot any flyer really, and I think most players assume that Xu-Fu is automatically running with feed all the time and are unprepared for it.

Those are a few options. There are others, but I believe these to be the most efficient choices (but I don't have a VP yet). Crow/Dbl Adder is a !@#$% comp anyway, so don't feel bad for losing to it. Let us know how you do and good luck :).

Re: two adders and a crow

Posted: September 19th, 2014, 9:51 am
by Kendrah
Thanks you two! <3 This really helped a lot!