Lil' Rag's Trap

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Lil' Rag's Trap

Post by Genome » August 28th, 2014, 12:31 pm

Simply put, is there any remedy for [ability]Magma Trap[/ability]? I have tried [ability]Cleanse[/ability], which just sets the trap off, and the same goes for Wave-type abilities. Since the trap goes off when the victim inputs a command, but it detonates before the ability actually goes off, would anything other than a lucky [ability]Deflection[/ability] (if even that) neutralize the trap? As is, the only "remedy" is to have a critter absorb the trap, but that only works if you have a critter on your team, and the trap goes off on the critter before it dies.

Anyone have any advice, or even speculation? I am always game to try a new idea :).

Edit: Whoops, I forgot about [ability]Arcane Storm[/ability], so there is that though it won't stop the trap dmg.
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Re: Lil' Rag's Trap

Post by Kpb321 » August 28th, 2014, 1:32 pm

Magma Trap and Snap Trap are kinda odd in that while certain abilities can remove the trap they just end up triggering it. I don't think deflection would work because if it did trigger the trap you should end up getting hit by the trap before the deflection goes off. A two round ability like dodge might work if you got lucky enough to trigger the tap on the second round but I can't say for sure that even that works. A critter really seems like the only good answer. They should avoid the stun and will take less damage from it.

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Re: Lil' Rag's Trap

Post by Vek » August 29th, 2014, 1:13 am

Blinding Poison, from Death Adder Hatchling, will make the trap miss completely. Either if you are lucky enough to blind on the turn the trap is put down, then it will disappear. Or you can blind and then switch and the trap will miss.

Like Kpb321 said, you can get lucky with Dodge. I also have been lucky with Feign Death, since it also is a priority move you can gain avoidance and trigger the trap. Deflection is also a priority move, like Feign Death, so it can also be used to avoid the trap. I for one is not enterily sure of how the game decides which priority move goes first. But these luck based avoidance of the trap are best used if the trap is down to 1 turn duration because then you know the trap will go off.

Critters, as noted above, are the absolutely best defence. Especially if you got crouch. Also fun if you got Burrow to hit Raggy while it uses Sons of the Flame.

Other than that Blinding Poison is probably your best bet.

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Re: Lil' Rag's Trap

Post by Jerebear » August 29th, 2014, 10:34 am

Priority moves use the speed of the pet that cast it (I don't know if it snapshots or uses current) to decide which goes first. So if two pets use surge, then one with the faster speed goes first. If they have the same speed, it is a coin toss scenario.
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