Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

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Re: Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

Post by Mykro9 » June 26th, 2014, 4:34 pm

I have found the single easiest way to heal up during the CT is a pet with [ability]wish[/ability], and save Yu'la for last, since he doesn't attack on the first 2 rounds.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

Post by Mathalor » August 21st, 2014, 11:37 am

Not wanting to spend money on the card game, I've been soloing Yu'la with Mr. Bigglesworth rather than the grell. He can't even heal, but it works. It definitely works. I laugh every time.

Claw, tomb, barrier, pass, claw until tomb is off cooldown, tomb, barrier, pass, claw until tomb is off cooldown, repeat.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

Post by Genome » August 21st, 2014, 2:16 pm

I posted this before, but it is still relevant so what the hell...

Elfuego has made some great Youtube videos for the entire tourney. I suggest giving them a try. Of course, some pets are interchangeable. For instance, here are the teams (and the order that I do them in) for the Celestial Bosses:

Special note: [pet]Chrominius[/pet] is on three of my teams, but really only gets utilized in two and a third as a Just In Case pet(JiCP). I would say that he is a great addition for the tourney to say the least :)

Chi-Chi - [pet]Pandaren Water Spirit[/pet] / [pet]Chrominius[/pet] / [pet]Nexus Whelpling[/pet]. The most valuable fight to have [pet]Chrominius[/pet] for, and the only one where he will take any dmg at all. Whelpling is really only on there as a JiCP. Start with Water Spirit [ability]Geyser[/ability]. Round two [ability]Whirlpool[/ability]. Round three, evasion round. Switch [pet]Chrominius[/pet] in on round three. [ability]Howl[/ability]. Traps both go off onto debuffed Chi-Chi, dealing big dmg and stunning him for one round. Debuff is still up, so [ability]Surge of Power[/ability] to finish him off.

Zao - [pet]Alpine Foxling[/pet] / [pet]Crystal Spider[/pet] / [pet]Chrominius[/pet]. Like the Elfuego vids, start with Fox, and go with [ability]Dazzling Dance[/ability], [ability]Bite[/ability], then [ability]Howl[/ability]. Fox dies and spider is up. [ability]Brittle Webbing[/ability], [ability]Spiderling Swarm[/ability], [ability]Crystal Prison[/ability]. Switch to [pet]Chrominius[/pet]. [ability]Howl[/ability], then [ability]Surge of Power[/ability]. Zao dies. I used to run a dual spider setup like in the videos, but too often for my liking, the second [ability]Spiderling Swarm[/ability] would leave Zao with 100-200ish health, which means game over. [pet]Chrominius[/pet] makes sure he dies due to the predicatable nature of [ability]Surge of Power[/ability]. Another issue to be aware of is Zao critting your fox before he can get [ability]Howl[/ability] off. While not common, this has happened to me the last two weeks in a row. Luckily, I had a few other Fox's (lvl 22 and 23). With the lower level ones, I learned the hard way that you cannot use bite as he is going to die, so simply use [ability]Dazzling Dance[/ability] followed directly by [ability]Howl[/ability] and go through the fight as before and pray Zao doesn't alter his rotation. [pet]Chrominius[/pet] makes up the difference of the lost [ability]Bite[/ability], and then some.

Xu-Fu - [pet]Lil Bling[/pet] / [pet]Menagerie Custodian[/pet] / [pet]Chrominius[/pet] - [pet]Chrominius[/pet] is simply a JiCP and has never been needed. Basically, just watch Elfuego's Youtube video. Sometimes, Bling can nearly take Xu-Fu out on his own.

Yu-La - [pet]Alpine Hare[/pet] / [pet]Spring Rabbit[/pet] / [pet]Sporeling Sprout[/pet]. [pet]Sporeling Sprout[/pet] is a JiCP here. With luck (i.e. Burrow missing like crazy as it is wont to do at times), one rabbit can nearly take Yu-La down. This is a slow fight, but completely safe and you don't need any special pet to do it (i.e. Grell), just a rabbit with 300+speed. Round one [ability]Scratch[/ability] (Do NOT use Flurry as his shield will totally negate multi hit attacks). Round two [ability]Scratch[/ability]. Round three [ability]Dodge[/ability] which will negate his divebomb. Round four [ability]Scratch[/ability] (Dodge still up). Round five [ability]Burrow[/ability]. Now just rinse and repeat. You will take one Breath attack every "cycle" this way, which hits you for around 400 per. Second pet normally only takes one hit before Yu-La goes down.

All of the pets that I use are either catchable, easily farmable, or bought fairly cheaply on the AH. I got lucky with Bling and got him out of a gift package, but he is still on the AH from time to time, and usuaully cheap to boot, and killing the Panadaren Spirit Tamers daily will net you plenty of Pandaren Spirits, which are also very cheap on the AH. In all, I lose three pets total on the four bosses.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

Post by Vek » August 22nd, 2014, 2:57 am

Here are a couple of things I use:

Corefire Imp(1,1,2)
Shimmershell Snail(1,1,1)

Start with Imp
1. Immolation
2. Wild Magic
3. Switch to Snail
4. Acidig Goo
5. Ooze Touch
6. Ooze Touch
7. Dive
8. Ooze Touch


289 speed Bonkers(1,2,2)
1. Tornado Punch
2. Jab
3. Dodge
4. Jab
5. Jab
6. Jab
7. Tornado Punch
8. Jab
9. Dodge and so on

With lucky stun you will solo it. With some bad luck you might have to go to your second pet. Another Bonkers if you have or a Hopling.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti(1,1,2)
Cogblade Raptor(2,1,1)

Start with Yeti
1. Metal Fist
2. Call Lightning
3. Ion Cannon
4. die....
5. Cogblade raptor coming in. Batter
6. Batter
7. Batter
9. Possibly Batter

S/S Zandalari Anklerender(2,1,2)
Clockwork Gnome(1,2,1)

1. Black Claw
2. Hunting Party
Then depeing on if you get one-shot or not.
3.(possibly) Hunting Party -> die
4. Gnome in. Turret.

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Re: Celestial Tournament Bosses 100% win chance

Post by Klaital » August 24th, 2014, 3:04 am

Here are what I used back when I was still doing the tournament.


Mechanical Pandaren Dragoling: Flyby, Explode, Bombing Run
Any pet with Explode
Any pet with Ion Cannon

Start with dragonling

Round 1: Bombing Run
Round 2: Flyby
Round 3: Explode
(switch to pet with Explode)
Round 4: Explode
(Switch in to pet with Ion Cannon)
Round 5: Ion Cannon
(Zao dies)


Lesser Voidcaller: Nether Blast, Prismatic Barrier, Curse of Doom
Lil' Bad Wolf(Breed that is faster than Xu-Fu): Claw, Dodge, Howl
Nether Faerie Dragon(Breed that is faster than Xu-Fu, sprite darter hatchling works too) Arcane Blast, Evanescense, Moonfire

Start with voidcaller.

Round 1: Curse of Doom
Round 2: Prismatic Barrier
Round 3: Switch to Wolf
Round 4: Pass while Xu-fu breaks through the barrier.
Round 5: Howl
Round 6: Dodge
Round 7: Claw
Round 8: Claw
(wolf dies, bring in faerie dragon)
Round 9: Arcane Blast
Round 10: Evanesence
Round 11: Arcane Blast
Round 12: Arcane Blast
(Xu-fu dies)


Clock'em: Jab, Dodge (third ability doesn't matter)
Any two pets.

Clock'em can basically solo this, just use dodge to avoid the lift-offs, rest of the time spam jab until Yu-la dies. Its possible for clock'em to die first, if Jab misses more than two times, but even in that case Yu-La will be so low in health that any lvl 25 pet can finish her off.

I can't remembmer anymore exactly what I used on Chi-Chi, but I think it was any pet with haunt to get damage buff on Chi-Chi, combined with snails with ooze touch and shell shield because Chi-Chi does barely any damage on them while Ooze Touch is strong against Chi-Chi.

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