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Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 21st, 2014, 10:37 am
by Tekulve2012
Hiya folks

I have run into so many of these lately it makes me sick! There are a few teams running triple MPD's and I ran into that team and countered with LilRags (magma wave) and an Enchanted broom with clean up but I found very little synergy there..though lil rags beat them all down finally

Wondering what other pets/ team comps others use in pet pvp to combat this pet
If that question doesn't inspire you, I also wondered what ideas (good counter ideas) you guys had to deal with the kajillion lightning/cyclone teams-{ I'm seeing more thundering serpents nowadays too (awesome power in that pet)}

I had some fun running a pocket reaver quake team to out-AOE damage them but there are probably better remedies-stuns maybe?

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 21st, 2014, 3:35 pm
by Vek
Triple MPD is such a trolly team. Hate them with a vengeance, even a single one. I'm not sure I have something exceptionally good against three of them, but here are a few pets that I like to use against them.

S/S Fiendish Imp. Burn hits hard, Gate is faster and most importantly Immolation. Immolation from back line helps to burn through Decoys and is of course also strong against the MPD, and you get to heal up a bit with human racial. Other pets can of course also be good for this, but speed is king agains these annoying pets. Just watch out if you try Minfernal or Netherspace Abyssal for Immolation, the MPD breath attack is strong against these magical creatures.

S/S Prairie Mouse. Flurry(on any pet faster than 309 speed this will eat through a decoy). But my current favourite move is Poison Fang and then Stampede. If your opponent does the usual Decoy and then AoE, you will first have poisoned them(strong dot vs mechs) and then stampede will burn through the Decoy and the third hit will leave shattered defence up allowing 3 dot ticks to do double damage, this will bring them very low even if they switch away. Critters also take weak damage from the AoE.

Other pets that I find useful are pets that have things like Nuts/Eggs/Make it Rain.

Another one I like, and soon it is summer for those who don't have it, is the S/S Qiraji Guardling. 325 speed stun, hits pretty hard when it lands, and Sandstorm to apply some kind of team defence against the AoE.


Cyclone. S/S Qiraji Guardling does really well against the Dragonkin cyclone pets. Strong crushes and Sandstorm pretty much negates the Cyclone. Also I love to use the stun against the Jademist Dancer just after they use Rain Dance, they won't get their big hits.

Voodoo Figurine, or anyone with Sear Magic kind of ability easily removes the cyclone of course. The figurine have the benefit of being able to dot the pet casting cyclone so they will still be damaged when they, like they often do, switch out.

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 21st, 2014, 4:00 pm
by Vek
Ironically one of my most often used Decoy counters I used when starting out is the Cyclone. Important to remember is that you must cast it before the Decoy. If Cyclone is up it will destroy both decoy stacks. But if you cast it when Decoy is up you will only remove one stack and the Cyclone will disappear.

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 22nd, 2014, 7:52 pm
by Ligre
For quick, powerful Cyclones, P/P Dragonbone Hatchling is the pet for me! :)

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 23rd, 2014, 1:25 am
by Taintedone
Blossoming Ancients' Sunlight kills the decoy and hits one backline pet. That combined with its hot and damage reduction makes it strong against most other non healing pets.

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 23rd, 2014, 9:30 am
by Skavenged
Fiendish imp + Scourged Whelpling is great in this situation. Use the Imp to swap out the first one. Immolate next round while they put up decoy, and then swap to the Whelpling. Immolate takes the first decoy out during swap round. Then you just use the Whelp's AOE until death. It's actually a bug exploit, since the AOE from the Whelp still hits even with decoy up, AND eliminates the decoy. By the time the Whelp goes down, the front dragonling should be down and the ones in back are half health. Bring the imp back to swap out the new dragonling, burn him, immolate again, and then switch to whatever your third pet is. Once that pet drops, the imp should mop up

Re: Mech.Pandaren Dragonling / Cyclone-lightning counters

Posted: May 23rd, 2014, 9:48 am
by Skavenged
I guess I should include my third pet as well. I usually run the fossilized raptor, since he can also remove decoys with his AOE, has a heal, and the undead racial. Bonus is that the whelpling and raptor both take reduced damage from the dragonling's breath weapon. The best part is that, unlike a lot of direct-counter teams, this one is actually viable against quite a few other teams that you may run into, other than critters