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Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Whodares » February 13th, 2013, 1:15 am

I have some simple strats for leveling pets:
1. Level a member of each family to 25.
2. Battle Pet Tamers are the most efficent way to level your pets.
3. Lower level Battle pets that have superior attack abilities over certian familes (Humanoid V Dragonkin) will win over higher lvl oppenents.
4. Azeroth tamers are excellent to lvl your pets to 18 or 19.
5. NEVER Give up your first round attack. If the BPT has changed their line up forfiet and start again.
6.If using pets that are not maxed level allow 2 die and 1 pet to gain all exp.

My goto guys are Rocket Chicken with Launch as an openerand Toxic Smoke for pets that HOT and Missile able to deal with most pet families
Another favourite is Toxic Wasteling whos excellent DOT's Creeping Ooze ,Creeping Ooze are great for pets that can stun you or have healing abilities.
Lastly a great pet especially for dragons is Pandaren Monk one shoting superior oppents with Focus Chi followed by Fury of 1,000 Fists.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Myrrmi » February 13th, 2013, 3:01 am

Little Black Ram is a pretty useful pet you can get early on. At lvl10 he learns a powerful 2-turn attack called Chew, but he doesn't reach his full potential till lvl20, when he gets Stampede. To combine those two abilities into a deadly combo use Chew first, and then Stampede, which will apply its +100% damage taken debuff before Chew hits. Sit back, enjoying a one sweet big number and watching the ram finish the opponent with the remaining turns of Stampede. Good ram! /pat

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Aerozia » February 13th, 2013, 4:31 am

For pet Collectors and Pet Battlers Thundering Serpent Hatchling is highly sought after.

How to Obtain: This pet is unlocked from guild vendors. A guild must have completed all Challenge Dungeons with a gold rating as a guild group for it to unlock.

Requirements: This pet requires Revered status with the guild to be able to purchase.


Seems fairly easy right?

Sorry but it's not as easy as you think. Few guilds have completed the required achievement. BUT! don't worry, there is a VERY kind guild out there that is extending invitations to those who wish to join and grind rep with them for their pet. (they also have Lil' Tarecgosa requiring exaulted rep and 1500g)

Faction: Horde

Guild: Stage Clear

Server: Kil'jaeden

I suggest making a goblin, by the time you get out of the starting area you are honored 1/4 to revered. Took me from start to finish 2 1/2 hours to get out.
Once out sell some pets, dont expect to get value out of the pets you sell, many others are/have doing/done what you are, so there may be many out there already. I sold my Phoenix Hatchling for 500g in trade, it was snatched up right away.(I had 3 so I didn't miss one) Buy the good guild tabard and get questing!

DO NOT BEG guildmembers or people in trade for gold. You are a guest, they didn't have to let you join their guild. Don't disrespect them by being obnoxious or rude.

Look for Ellumina or Healbot, if you can ask them for invites. Do /who then search Stage Clear
DO NOT spam everyone you see. If you see Ellumina or Healbot, /w them and ask politely, try to use good grammer and spelling. First impressons are everything.(yes even on an online game where they see nothing but how you type!)
If niether is on, pick someone else, lvl 90. Ask them politely, tell them you would like to grind for the pet. give them five minutes, if they are away or do no respond, pick another. Stop after 3. if 3 people do not respond to you, log off and wait for another time. There is no need to continue to pester people senselessly.

Please note that when you get in the guild, you will be unable to use guild chat. Please do no speak to the members, realize they see many pet rep grinders and would rather not be bothered by bored lvlers trying to kill time grinding.

It took me roughly 8 hours to grind to exaulted and get all the gold required to buy both of the pets. But it was worth it.

Best wishes to everyone!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Cerkerseresr » February 13th, 2013, 7:20 am

Patience is a virtue. Save your Battle Stones!!! All pets that are capturable in battle can be caught as a rare. :) It may seem hopeless at times as it may take days, weeks or even months to get those rares. :x Only use your Battle Stones on pets with an uncommon default, i.e.: pets sold by NPC vendors, pets earned through achievements or as quest rewards. There is nothing like that feeling you get when you've been searching forever for a specific rare pet and you finally find it. :o The portrait pops up with a blue frame and shivers go down your spine! :shock: Just be patient. I promise, it will happen!! ;) Happy hunting!!! :D

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Uabhar » February 13th, 2013, 8:57 am


While this adorable pet appears as a kind of puppy with a lions main, it's name refers to a mythological creature that has been described in many ways from different times and different countries. A qirin or kirin could have been a flame wreathed beast with the head and scales of a dragon and the body and hooves of a horse, or an Asian form of the western unicorn. However, one of the most pervasive descriptions is that of a giraffe. The Ming dynasty brought giraffes back from Africa and proclaimed them Qilins as a symbol of power and prestige. To this day, the Japanese and Korean words for giraffe are Kirin.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Leslargi » February 13th, 2013, 9:57 am

How to get the Viscidus Globule in SOLO mode if you are a DPS MELEE:

The boss that give "sometimes" the Viscidus Globule is Viscidus inside of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

This boss can only be killed if you achieve to make frost damage to him.

Using the Enchant Weapon "Elemental Force", you will be able to frost Viscidus after 20 frost hits, and then you will have 30 seconds to hit him 30 times for kill him.

I have a 2 hands sword with this enchant inside the bag, and when I go to Ahn'Qiraj to say hello to Viscidus, I use it.

Good luck.

P.D. I think is my first post, and I'm unable to insert external links (8 post needed)

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Dust » February 13th, 2013, 10:31 am

For the Darkmoon Faire daily battle, I like to use a Scourged Whelpling into Phoenix Hatchling combo. Plagued Blood and Tail Sweep(deals extra damage to the eye) help keep the little guy up and will finish off the eye, and deal enough damage to the tonk. Call in the Phoenix next and use an Immolate>Conflagrate combo to blow the tonk up. Elemental abilities do bonus damage vs mechanical pets, and mechanical pets deal reduced damage to the elemental Phoenix. Using Conflagrate on a burning mechanical pet will negate their revive mechanic if the first hit kills the the mech, the second will attack again and kill it yet again. The Phoenix's speed will leave you almost unharmed by the tonk depending on its choices.

With that it leaves you free to hurt the monkey, and take in whatever pet you may want to level up to finish it off.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Duroxas » February 13th, 2013, 10:56 am

Looking for a strong starter for the fight against the Darkmoon Faire tamer? Try an Infinite Whelpling! With it's big power stat, Tail Sweep and Healing Flame let you deal with the eye with ease, but the fun happens when Honkey-Tonk comes out; If you can time it to be below 800ish health, it's elemental ability Early Advantage will be empowered by the Dragonkin Racial, dealing a clean 1k-1200 damage to him! The whelpling may go down in the process, but it clears the way for your next pet to have a much easier time.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Apropos » February 13th, 2013, 11:03 am

Terrible Turnip

If you are utilizing the following ability lineup -

Weakening Blow Inspiring Song Sunlight

Be sure to remember it will be very hard to finish off any opponents. The pet was my last pet standing and couldn't win the fight.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Kandace » February 13th, 2013, 11:22 am

Emperor crab is an amazing pet to use when battling against Blood Knight Antari in Shadowmoon Valley. When used against his annoying netherwhelp, surge always goes first so you can get your shot in before he casts phase shift and soul ward.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Lokth » February 13th, 2013, 12:02 pm

The Giant Bone Spider

This pet is by far one of the most powerful pets in a PVE environment, and if it where not for the abundance of tanking pets in PVP it would be exceptionally potent in PVP as well. The Giant Bone Spider is by far one of the best pets for controlling a battle due to its ability Death Grip. This move allows you to swap out your opponents pet at will, dragging out the pet with the least HP to face you.

But it doesn't stop there, the Giant Bone Spider has two DOT (damage of time) abilities, Poison Spit and Siphon Life, when combined with Death Grip the spider becomes exceptionally powerful at control, survivability and damage. By using both Poison Spit and Siphon Life on a pet before using Death Grip you can transfer a fully DOTted pet to the back line, allowing you to now DOT the Pet that has been just been pulled out. This means you can damage to both the pet in the front and recently transfered pet in back line simultaneously, while being healed by not one, but two different active Siphon Lifes. Once the DOTs on the pet in the back of fallen off you can reuse Death Grip to repeat the process.

But wait! There's more you say? Yes! Yes there is! If another pet on your or your opponents team have used the ability Call Lightning the Dots you have placed up will do extra damage. For each tick of any of the DOTs your Giant Bone Spider has up on his opponents they will take additional mechanical damage making this an exceptionally potent combination.

An example of using the Giant Bone Spider with Call Lightning can been seen in one of my guides here -
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Darkangel216 » February 13th, 2013, 12:12 pm

One of my favorite pets to use in battle is the Venomspitter Hatchling.

First thing I have it do is cast Brittle Webbing, this way the enemy pet takes damage and will take more if it decides to hit my pet on its turn. Next turn, it's time for Poison Spit. Now every turn the enemy pet is taking damage from poison and any damage dealt to me as well. Final ability is Leech Life, which gives back a nice chunk of health due to the enemy being webbed. All that's left to do is refresh the dots and keep itself healed up. I've found this works well on most battles and can usually take out 3 pets with just this pet. Main thing that stops this is anything with damage reduction, that usually kills any dot damage.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Sakaba » February 13th, 2013, 12:22 pm

Mr. Bigglesworth

After many years of harsh training and death at the hands of raiders in Naxxramas. Mr. Bigglesworth has become a master of combat. Some of the side effects of his training include, frozen whiskers, undeath, and an affinity for cold things. With the combination of Prowl and Ice Tomb, he can end most enemies with little effort.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Wyndla » February 13th, 2013, 12:22 pm

Sifang Otter Pup

This is a tip for all you damn crazy pet farmers out there (just like me) who just cant stand not having every single battle pet in rare quality!
Have you ever noticed that alot of pets comes in groups of 3? (sometimes even 2) They all have the same stats, quality and the same setup of joining battle pets.
So how can we use this to our advantage? Mark one of the 3 battle pets with a raid mark, battle the other two and wait for respawn! It takes about 5-7 minutes so while you wait try and find more groups of 3 to mark up.
Doing this, leaving one alive you will force 2 new pets to respawn, with new qualities and if you are lucky you will have a rare one!
This is especially helpful when you are farming for those damn pesky ones like Sifang Otter Pup which is hard to find, and even harder to find in rare!
I wish you all good luck and happy farming!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Mooneyez » February 13th, 2013, 12:57 pm

Lil' XT

First use Heartbroken and then Tympanic Tantrum to wreak major havok on the active and backline pets

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Papein » February 13th, 2013, 1:01 pm

Flayer Youngling

My favorite pet ever can kill any trainer´s pet carefully using his Reflection to help you counter any "big" spell casted on you.. i highly recommend against pandaren spirits that uses critters (pretty much all the trainers) can 2 shot pets with Rampage. Also Blitz its good against dragons wich again they have a lot, i usually used to level pets faster via dailies.

Another useful way to use his Reflection its for example Frosty uses his Ice Tomb and we didn had CD for Reflection just wait till the tomb is about to fall (3 round cd) and then use the hability to counter even if the spell is already on you.

Hope this work for you guys :)

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Lokipo » February 13th, 2013, 1:18 pm

Anubisath Idol is great for leveling pets and 'soloing' some of the pandaria pet masters, including Aki the Chosen.
Courageous Yon and Aki the Chosen are the easiest ones for him to solo and level other pets (1-2 pets can be leveled with him). Sandstorm can prevent Chirrup's Swarm, Bleat's Stampede and Piquea's Flock from damaging any of your pets (excluding Elemental pets because of their passive). This allows your low level pets (including level 1's) from taking damage, making it easy to switch them out for a turn.

Courageous Yon strategy to leveling 1-2 low level pets with [pet]Anubisath Idol[/ability]:
Piquea starts with Squawk, use Sandstorm. Round 2 she will Lift-off on this turn, just pass. Reflection this turn when she is goes for the 2nd move attack. Switch a pet out now when she is doing Flock (it is possible to switch 2 pets out and level 2 pets, but they will have their exp split between them). Spam Crush and Sandstorm, and Reflection when Piquea is in the air. For Lapin, Crush/Sandstorm first turn, pass when he starts Burrow, then use Reflection on the turn he is coming up to attack. Spam crush and sandstorm until he dies (Reflect only if he burrows again). Bleat is simple. Spam 1 and 3 (Crush and Sandstorm. You can reflect the end attack of Chew if you use on the turn after he charges it up.

Aki the Chosen:
Stormlash: Round 1: Use Reflection to Reflect Call Lightning. Round 2: Use Sandstorm. Round 3 through however long it takes you to kill Stormlash, spam Crush.
Chirrup: Keep Sandstorm up and spam Crush. You can switch to your low level pets at any time during Chirrup as long as Sandstorm is up.
Whiskers: Use Reflection the turn when he's going to come up from Dive. Spam Crush and Sandstorm until he dies.
*Note: Anubisath Idol is going to be nerfed in 5.2 I believe :cry: , so use these strategies while you can, because you can level pets up fast with him. Leveling him is also easy because he can just reflect the first attack he takes and switch out, unharmed.* *Also, the pets will Burrow/Dive/Lift-off the round when your reflection is at 1 round remaining on its cd. Don't waste Sandstorm when Reflection has the 1 Round remaining on its cd because they will fly up on this turn.*

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Jasmine_Lily » February 13th, 2013, 1:28 pm

Strand Crawler

You can use the Strand Crawler with it's Renewing Mists and Shell Shield together to greatly mitigate damage. If you plan to keep both buffs up from the start of the fight, casting Renewing Mists first will negate more damage from the opponent's first attack than the amount reduced from Shell Shield.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Clatong » February 13th, 2013, 2:10 pm

Roaming the World of Warcraft isn't all about battling, and in a similar fashion, Egbert has a non-battle ability that is frequently overlooked.

While fishing for pets, cooking mats, achievements, or just for fun, bring Egbert along. The often monotonous task of casting, reeling in, and casting again will be broken down by Egbert's constantly curious and roaming nature. He will run from one side to the other, sometimes in the water and sometimes not, both entertaining you and helping you find the larger schools of fish.

Or he just might scare the fish away.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Aluin » February 13th, 2013, 2:21 pm

Gundrak Hatchling is a great all around pet. Using Leap (which gives a 100% speed boost for one round) with Bite or Flank often results in two rounds of damage before the opponent can attack. When his health falls low, use Leap along with Devour to deal damage and heal! Gundrak Hatchling is also a beast type pet so he does will against humanoids, which are fairly common.


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