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Pimp That Pet !

Post by Shankmcgank » February 23rd, 2014, 1:15 pm

In the same vein as "Collect That Pet" and "Level That Pet" comes "Pimp That Pet" !

Some of us don't have all level 25 rare or upgraded rare pets, so I thought it would be fun to upgrade and then level pets that people choose at random for us.

What you need to do is post the type of Battle-Stones you have available to use, then someone will look at your pets and decide which pet you need to upgrade with a Battle-Stone and then level to 25, hence, "Pimp That Pet".

Hopefully this thread becomes a hit and lots of you join in !

I'll go first...

I have 1 Battle-Stone of each type available to upgrade any type of pet.

Please choose which pet I should level, and then post what type of stones you have available for the next person !

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