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Merging Realms and Card Redeemtion Glitch

Posted: February 21st, 2014, 6:34 pm
by Shikon01
This may be old news to some, but was new to me, so thought I would put it back out there. Apparently Blizz has acknowledged problem, but its a" no fix" . If you are on a realm that's in the process of merging w/ another realm and decide to make a trip to booty bay to redeem a pet code its possible the response you will get is " an error has occurred ' At least that was my experience. The codes were checked and there was bag space. I had already redeemed 3 other pet codes and on my lastt pet code "error occurred " Of course I thought it was me, but after realizing it wasn't I put in a ticket. According to the forums blizz has stated this is occurring during the merging phase of realms and that it clears up after completion, but that they haven't been able to fix the glitch. I'm a very patient and understanding person so it takes a lot to really frustrate me, but blizz managed to get me there. Blizz responded quickly and Grand Master Dauptia responded explaining the situation and that a code would have to be reissued problem there. 2 WEEKS later still no code and they had closed out my ticket as resolved after 7 days. So I put in another ticket same info and their response from it. The response I got was ' don't reissue and /or duplicate the ticket as this will cause unnecessary delays and we need 24 hrs to respond " REALLY BLIZZ ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS HELLO !!!!!!!! :twisted: That really pissed me off. After all this time I could have bought another $ 7.00 sand scarab tcg card and had it redeemed by now since our merging is over. On my realm, bonechewer, we had already been through one merge and I wasn't aware they were merging a couple more realms to us and that's basically when my incident occurred. I am glad this wasn't a high dollar pet, but it is one I don't have and want in my collection. So for all you pet collectors BEWARE that this is going on and do some checking on your realm status before you redeem codes for your pets because you may up waiting a long time getting that pet if you have to wait on blizzard.

Re: Merging Realms and Card Redeemtion Glitch

Posted: February 22nd, 2014, 5:59 am
by Tekulve2012
I've had tickets out on this since Dec.27th (yeah 2013)!!! No answers or solutions for me!

I read that if you can create a new toon on a low pop realm and get to Booty bay...unconfirmed though

Dumb and frustrating tbh but what's a person to do...

Re: Merging Realms and Card Redeemtion Glitch

Posted: February 22nd, 2014, 8:18 pm
by Shikon01
Well, GM Shaonves Masters of Cupcakes lol got a hold of me on line today and we had a nice chitchat. At least I have a better understanding of what's going on and I don't feel like I have been kicked to the curve tho he did make it clear it will take a while to get a new code. So to ease the ole pain, got my rocket homing chicken today and it redeemed w/ no issues...just gotta come up w/ a name for it lol !!