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how to get vanilla CE pets

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Re: how to get vanilla CE pets

Postby Allerielle » March 12th, 2013, 11:12 am

Zenbuddhist wrote:I realize it won't be a popular opinion, however I like that the CE pets aren't available, and I really hope they are not made available. I happen to have them all, but that's because I have been around since beta and I've picked up the CEs as they were released. I like that I've always been able to stand out a bit because of that (especially with the Panda or the Zergling).

Now, before anyone replies with "well, easy for you to say then, as you have them", I feel the same about any of the specialty pets. I don't have any of the Blizzcon Murlocs, and though I would really love to have them, I didn't attend those events and accept that those who did get something special for supporting Blizzard by attending.

I'm ok with not owning every single pet. A few special pets here and there that were only made available to certain people due to CEs or events allows those folks to stand out.

I have to agree with Zenbuddhist.

Here's the thing. When I started playing WoW, (back when you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to Ironforge) vanity pets were essentially a waste of bag space. And if you remember the dark days of 10/12 slot bags, you know of what I speak. I had to lug my vanity pets around, and even once accidentally crunched my Diablo Stone, as it had the same image icon as a Soul Shard.

The summarized argument that "Well, I didn't know they would be adding Pokeman to WoW back then" certainly is valid, as is the "No CE's to be found at the launch of WoW," but that's what makes it even more special to those that have them. Sort of like WoW battle scars, if you will. When I take the Zergling for a walk, everyone knows that I've been here awhile.

I accept that I didn't buy the CE of Burning Crusade, WotLK and Cataclysm, so there are CE pets I will never have. In fact, when Burning Crusade was released, I could have bought the CE of it but shrugged and said, "eh, what's the point?" I, like any of you, had no idea of the way pets would eventually play out in the game. They didn't really get any love until Breanni was recognized in WotLK imo.

However, there are plenty of awesome pets still around. You're not being hindered in some way. I assure you, the Mini Diablo is more for looks than anything. I find that I have many pets that I value above him when it comes to tussling.


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