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Male vs. Female!!

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Male vs. Female!!

Postby Melmo » January 28th, 2014, 2:23 pm

I'm not sure if gender will really play a part in the upcoming breeding process, no one seems to know! But still, I like seeing some pinks in the sea of blues since there are sooooo many more male-only pets available in game.

Perhaps some of you are naming your pets after something/someone and need a certain gender? Since it was the only female dog available in-game at the time (before Moon Moon came out), I searched for several hours for a rare female Fjord Worg Pup just to name her after my own dog, Tipsey. Waste of time? Maybe, but it puts a lil' smile on my face ;)

Here is a very helpful chart to show all male/female/both varieties just in case gender ends up being important to you in one way or another :lol:

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Re: Male vs. Female!!

Postby Ziboo » January 28th, 2014, 8:54 pm

Thanks for the link to the chart.

For some reason the addon I'm using only gives me SS, BB, etc., not the actual 3 or 13, so i have to come to Warcraftpets to actually see what breed they all are. So naming has been whatever sounds good regardless of breed (so far!)

Agree though, it would be nice to see more balance.

I think it would add another layer of 'fun' if we had to have a female and male to breed in WoD! I keep holding out hope that Blizz will make it interesting and fun, a bit challenging to breed (not 3 day cooldown, actually having the proper types to breed, etc.) and hopefully have some of the wilds that are 'bred' cageable.

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