Beginner’s to Advanced - Wild Pets Questline

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Beginner’s to Advanced - Wild Pets Questline

Post by Abashera » December 26th, 2013, 6:05 pm

The purpose of this little guide: Many beginners who talk to me about pet collecting, leveling, and battling, are intimidated by the sheer number of pets there are out there to collect. Many are put off with the plethora of abilities there are to learn. And many just keep putting it off indefinitely for these reasons, never getting into the fun of it. The purpose of this guide is to introduce Pet Battles & Collecting to new collectors in a way that is both FUN, and educational at the same time, through the same method all of us learned the game - Questing. And with only just over 30 pets that are mandatory in this list, the numbers don't seem so overwhelming. I hope you have fun.

This is a list of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced wild pets. Follow the quest-line to build up a good arsenal of wild battle-pets. The beginner’s list are all pets that can be captured at low levels; yet not one of these pets are without great potential power in the hands of skillful pet-battle masters.

The intermediate list continues with slightly higher level wild pets. And the advanced list are pets that are captured at higher levels in higher level zones, starting in Outlands, and ending in Pandaria.

The sub-quests are designed to help new pet battlers learn the strengths of different pets and pet families.

(Notes: a) It is recommended that you get a Terrible Turnip and level it a few levels before starting this quest-line. Your Turnip should always be in your team when you capture a pet, as ability number one will never kill the pet you're capturing. Just watch out for 'Leeching Seed'. Also remember that so long as you haven't killed the 1st pet, you can quit the battle and it will respawn, giving you another chance to capture it. b) This quest/guide is meant to be FUN. Don't push yourself beyond your own personal pace—this is not a race. If you like a challenge however, you will likely push yourself anyway, lol. That said, quests like the Crimson Geode quest aren't mandatory—you don't HAVE TO capture a rare P/P geode. But the challenge is out there for the sake of challenge (tell you the truth I failed at this one when my rare P/P killed itself). c) Yes there are also several extremely powerful, battle-worthy, non-wild pets that can be obtained through such means as quests, world events, and drops, and those will add well to your primary collection of “battle worthy” pets. But these are the best of the best “wild” pets. d) Three or four pets in this list are not wild; but are rather easily obtainable without spending a lot of gold. e) Finally, to be most effective, you will need to get an add-on to show you the breeds, because breeds make a large difference! I recommend Pet battle BreedID. You can get this from

When you finish this quest-line, you will have 31+ Battle-Worthy Pets, not including any others you acquire along the way.

For those new to pet collecting who embark on this quest-line, ENJOY the journey and the hunt!

Beginner’s List - Best Low Level Pets to Capture 1st

(All these pets are found in Kilmador and Eastern Kingdoms.)

PRIMARY QUEST-LINE OBJECTIVE! “Capture each of these wild pets in at least 'Uncommon" quality. (‘Rare’ quality is preferred, but you can always use a Battle-Stone on it later to upgrade it to Rare.) In return for obtaining these pets, you will gain pet-battle experience—and with it, confidence, a solid base for your battle-pet collection, and loads of fun!” The rewards will be worth it!

(The rarity of your pet will determine the amount of health your pet has, and how many hits you can take before dying.)

This quest-line may take some time to complete; but you don't have any time constraints—you can work on it at your own pace. Furthermore you can do this casually while leveling your character through low level zones, all the way up to Pandaria.

However, the entire quest chain will be complete when you obtain all 31 pets and make your collection of Wild Battle-Worthy Pets complete.


A Couple Pets To Start You Off

Your main objective is to capture "wild" pets. However the Catch22 is that you will need to start off with a few pets to be able to capture wild ones—So you will have to make a couple inexpensive purchases. These three pets are also worthy of your battle collection.

1a) QUEST! “Dragonkin benefit from POWER! But There is one kind of dragon that is bred for pure speed. Go to Elwin Forest, find Jilanne, and purchase from her three Hatchlings. A Golden Dragonhawk (S/S), a Silver Dragonhawk (S/B), and a Red Dragonhawk (P/S). Should you ever need a fast dragon for battle, a Dragonhawk is the only choice! Once you have obtained these three Dragonkin pets, choose [one] to be your main Dragonhawk, and use a battle-stone on it when you have a one to spare.” Location: Elwin Forest, Eastern Kingdoms. (Additionally, if you want the fastest dragonkin for your collection, the S/S Silver is it.)

1b) Purchase a Terrible Turnip. You can buy one of these for just a few gold off the auction house. Go to the "Miscellaneous" tab, and look under Companion Pets. They will be less expensive than the same pet in the Battle Pets tab.

1c) Next, travel to Elwinn Forest in Eastern Kingdoms. If you are Horde, you can make a level 1 Human and send them a few gold. Find an NPC vendor named Donni Anthania and buy a Cornish Rex Cat for 40 silver. This cat is a very powerful cat—plus it can regenerate a lot of health when it kills an enemy using "Devour."

With three starter pets, you're ready to begin capturing your own wild battle-pets!

2) Shimmershell Snail (H/P) Location: Darkshore (This is the most powerful of all Snails)
…QUEST! “Go to Darkshore. You will come across a lot of snails in your journeys as a pet collector, but none of them will have as much power and health as a Shimmershell. Learn to use the snail’s armor and health-based resilience to offset it’s lack of speed, and dominate undead opponents.”

(Remember to check battle-pets ‘inland’ for Shimmershells as a secondary pet. And kill undesirable ones so they will respawn new ones on your next round—kill the non-combat shimmershells on the shore as well, as combat shimmershells can spawn in their place. And while you’re at it, you may want to pick up a P/P Darkshore Cub just inland from the shore on the south end—It’s the strongest bear in the game.)

3) Ruby Sapling (B/B or H/H) Location: Eversong Woods, Eastern Kingdoms
QUEST! “This lil guy is H.O.T.” …HOT as in “Heal over time” that is. “The Ruby Sapling is an underestimated little elemental with bark as tough as iron, and healing like a level 90 Druid. Go to Eversong Forest, capture a Sapling, and see for yourself.”

4) QUEST! “Travel to Arathi Highlands. There you will find the most unlikely of battle-pets. Who would think a rabbit to be a worthy foe? But you will use this powerful and elusive pet to conquer the greatest of enemies!” Grasslands Cottontail (S/S)” Location: Arathi Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms

(The Grasslands Cottontail has the highest strength to power ratio of all the rabbits. If you plan to do the Celestial Tournament, you may want to get two S/S Cottontails. Two cottontails are also good against tamers Major Payne, Bordin Steadyfist, and Nearly Headless Jacobs.)

5) Bat (P/P or H/P) Location: Tirisfal Glades, or Eastern Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
. . .(If you can obtain a B/B Tirisfal Batling, even better.)

6) Crow (S/S) Location: Darkmoon Island (does not need to be Rare quality)
…(Quest! “Something dark at the The Darkmoon Faire is calling you. It's saying "Capture a fast Crow!" You have to listen to this voice to begin making up your ‘Darkness Team.’”)

7) Spirit Crab (H/H) Location: Ghostlands, Eastern Kingdoms

8) Quest. “Travel to the entrance of Gnomergan and capture a Fluxfire Feline.” (If you are Horde, you can make a level one Gnome for this purpose.)

9) QUEST! “For the most part, mechanical pets benefit from power. But you will learn the exceptions. Journey to Westfall and ‘harvest’ a Tiny Harvester of the fastest breed (S/S).” Location: Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms

10) QUEST! “Some pets are best in speed, and some in power. And some times the choice will depend on your personal game-stile and preference. Wait till after dusk, and go to Duskwood in the Eastern Kingdoms. Capture a P/P and a S/B Widow Spiderling, yes, one of each. They can be Uncommon or Rare in breed. Use both and learn the difference between speed, and power.” (Choose one of the two to be your main spider. Though you can hold onto both if you desire.)

Once you have obtained those nine wild pets…

11) QUEST! Quest: "Death with a Smile" Objective: “Survive a Zombie onslaught by completing the ‘Lawn of the Dead’ quest-line in Hillsbrad Foothills. Then use your pet to smack the heck out of enemy pets, while rejuvenating yourself with ‘Photosynthesis.’” Location: Hillsbrad Foothills, Eastern Kingdoms

12) Quest! “Obtain a P/P breed “Jade Oozeling” from the cave under Skulk Rock in the Hinterlands… IF you can catch one, raise your pet to level 15 and learn to use ‘Absorb.’” Location: Hinterlands, Eastern Kingdoms. (Rarity will not matter. But you will still want to upgrade it to Rare when you are able.)

BONUS QUEST #1! - “Learn your pet Strengths”

“There are ten pet types, and each has strengths. Commit to memory which are strong against another. Here are some Battle-Pet Strength Logics to help you remember. You should have these remembered by the time you get finished with the entire quest-line.”

- Birds eat Fish. (think of Eagles diving for fish)
- Water puts out Fire. (Aquatic kills Elemental. Remember this when you see the symbol of fire the elementals have.
- Elements are hard on Machinery. (Ever get metal wet or get sand in a machine?)
- Traps kill Beasts. (like a bear trap, beasts are captured by mechanical means.)
- Beasts kill Critters (like cats kill mice)
- Critters eat Corpses (Undead). (Ever see how corpses are consumed by mice and rats?
- Zombies eat (Human) brains.
- Knights (Humans) slay Dragons.
- Dragons are made by magic and are therefor strong against Magical pets.
- Magic kills Birds (because Magicians kill birds in their magic acts)

Intermediate Pet List

PET LEVELS 11 - 13

13) QUEST! "Capture a Nether Faerie Dragon (H/P). After you have leveled it to level 15, do battle with it. Let your health get low, then successfully use 'Life Exchange' to take down an enemy pet's health.” Location: Feralas, Kilmador
…(You want the one with more health because you will do more damage with “Life Exchange”.)

14) Spawn of Onyxia (P/P) Location: Dustwallow Marsh, Kilmador

15) Molten Hatchling (P/S) Location: Searing Gorge, Eastern Kingdoms

16) Infinite Whelpling (P/P) Location: Caverns of Time in Tanaris, Kilmador


17) “Collect 150 Unique Pets of any quality to get the achievement ‘Littlest Pet Shop.’ You will be rewarded with a powerful battle-pet, the Celestial Dragon.” (You don't have to complete this quest before moving on to the advanced pets list.)

If your character is low level, you will naturally have to level your character before you can get to the next zone. And your current battle pets will also need to be leveled up appropriate to survive the pets you will next encounter.

PET LEVELS 14 - 17

18) QUEST! “It’s After My Bed-Time!” Objective: Capture a Restless Shadeling (H/H)” Location: Deadwind Pass, Eastern Kingdoms

19) Arcane Eye - Location: Deadwind Pass, Eastern Kingdoms


"Level at least three of your current battle-worthy pets up high enough to beat the Pet Tamers of Kilmador and Eastern Kingdoms. You have the power! You will need to level your pets high enough to beat three level 19 pets, in order to beat the final tamers. If you feel you have to go to higher levels to level your pets, or you just want to move on, feel free to move to higher pet leveling zones.

Advanced Pet List

"Valued Wild Pets of Outlands” - PET LEVELS 17 - 20

20) Cogblade Raptor (S/S and/or S/B, your choice) Location: Blade’s Edge Mountains, Outlands

21) QUEST! “Who NEEDS Lil’ Ragnaros!” “A Felflame (H/P) is a good replacement for a popular Blizzard Store pet. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you have to “pay to win” in pet-battles.” Location: Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands

22) QUEST! “Capture a Flayer Youngling (S/S). If you can not find a rare, use a stone on it. Then use it to “MOP THE FLOOR” with Master Antari’s last pet ‘Netherbite.’”

“Valued Wild Pets of Northerend” - PET LEVELS 21 - 22

23) QUEST! In Scholazar Basin, Northerend is a special breed of Dragonkin, one with a balance of power, and ‘tankiness.’ It will aid you in many battles to come, and may become part of your primary leveling team. Capture an Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P)”

24) Scourged Whelpling (P/P) Location: Icecrown, Northerend

25) QUEST! "Dying For You" Objective: “So you think you’re getting good at hunting and capturing wild pets, aye?” The quest-giver shakes his head at you. “Well I have one pet yet for you to tame. I hope you can fly, HAHAHAHA! Get an Unborn Val’kry… in any breed… any quality… and if you can’t find a rare, use a stone to upgrade it when you are able. This pet is just ‘dying for you’ to use it in a battle.”


"Level your current battle-worthy pets up and use them to beat the Pet Tamers of Outlands and Northered. You have the power! You will need to level your pets up high enough to beat three level 24 pets for the final tamer in Outlands; and high enough to beat three level 25 pets in Northerend.

“Valued Wild Pets of the Cataclysm” - PET LEVELS 22 - 23

26) QUEST! “It Can’t Hit You if it Can’t See You.” Objective: "Capture a Nordrisill Wisp (S/S) in Mt. Hyjal. BLIND YOUR ENEMY! THEN HIT IT WITH LIGHT!” He proceeds with a devilish laugh “…then, evade them with Soul Ward when they TRY to hit you, hahahahahaha.”

27) QUEST! “Go to Deepholm and acquire two Shale Hatchlings. An Amethyst Shale Hatchling and an Emerald Shale Hatchling. One must be breed P/P, and the other S/S. After you test them out in battle, decide which you like better, pure speed, or pure power.”

28) QUEST! “I Bet You Can’t” (Quest difficulty: HARD AND TIME CONSUMING!) Objective: “I bet you can’t capture a Pure Power, Rare quality, Crimson Geode, without losing it in the battle. That is what I want you to TRY to do. But I don’t think you can. …If you FAIL, which you will, you can ‘settle’ for an uncommon one and use a stone to upgrade it.” (H/P and H//H are also good breeds. But the quest calls for a rare P/P.)

“Valued Wild Pets of Pandaria” - PET LEVELS 23 - 25

29) Emerald Turtle (H/H and/or B/B, your choice) Location: The Jade Forest, Pandaria

20) Eternal Strider (P/S) Location: Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria

31) QUEST! “Travel to the Dread Wastes in Pandaria, and find an Elite battle-pet named Gorespine. Battle the Silent Hedgehogs around Gorespine until you find and capture a P/P Emperor Crab. The Emperor is... well it's THE EMPEROR! the most powerful of all crabs! But when you use “Surge” he doesn’t suffer from any lack of speed.”


"Level your current battle-worthy pets up and use them to beat the Pet Tamers of Pandaria. You have the power! You will need to level your pets high enough to beat three level 25 pets for the final tamer in Pandaria.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten all the primary tamers, and have all the best WILD battle pets in the game, in the best breeds. You are ready to graduate onto more and greater challenges, such as the Spirit Tamers of Pandaria, the Beasts of Fable quest-line, and The Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle that rewards four pets as well as battle-stones. Your pet collection will continue to grow, but you have a solid backbone of pets, and a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon.
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Re: Beginner’s to Advanced Wild Pets Questline

Post by Kpb321 » December 26th, 2013, 6:43 pm

Interesting idea. I do have some thoughts.

1) There seems to be quite a bit of travel involved which seems to assume you are doing this on a high level char with flying as opposed to doing while leveling up a character. Might be interesting to try to make it more friendly for a leveling character.

2) It seems like you'd be pretty likely to out level the pets you are trying to capture with the number of pets you list and telling someone new to get rare quality pets, especially of a particular breed seems like a good chance to drive them to get frustrated and quit. Can probably address both by suggesting uncommon as being an acceptable alternative when your are out leveling the area or looking for a specific breed and having no luck.

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Re: Beginner’s to Advanced Wild Pets Questline

Post by Abashera » December 26th, 2013, 6:45 pm

Yes, thank you. Very good advice. I don't want people to get frustrated. :) I'll make a few changes in the wording. :D

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