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Collector's edition pets

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Collector's edition pets

Postby Aerozia » December 19th, 2013, 4:37 pm

Okay, so people have been clamoring for DDE(digital) of the older WoW expansions, like they have done with MoP, diablo and star craft. I am one of those people, I missed out on the BC and Vanilla pets. With blizzard so blantantly saying "fug you guys" and allowing all the old RAF mounts to be obtained by every tom, dick and harry who just started up a WoW account and don't know where Mankirk's Wife is.(hint: shes dead, I actually cried the first time I did that quest) I have hope that they will give us the opportunity to get these rare pets fairly easy. Even if they charged a $100 bucks im sure many many people would buy them. I myself would pay upwards of $200 for it, and im sure im not alone.

So what is your take on this? they already bashed one barrier down by allowing previously exclusive mounts to be obtained again(also, the pets from Taiwan or whatever) do you think it will lead to the re-introduction of the CCE pets? if you think about it, its pretty much the same reasoning, heres something that was available for a limited time, a long time ago, and they can make a lot more money by allowing us to get them now.

plus when you buy from ebay, Blizz makes no money.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Killerkarl » December 19th, 2013, 5:09 pm

Problem with your argument is that Original CE pets are still available.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Crazypants » December 19th, 2013, 5:36 pm

i've flip flopped on this topic more times then I can remember. I want that mini tyreal sooo bad and likely wont ever get one unless i win the lottery or blizz makes it more easily available.

That said i hope the never make them any more available then what they are now. I understand some will strongly disagree but For me it waters down the game.

My compromise has always been make a "Uber Diablo" pet thats the exact same as the original Diablo but colored like the D2 uber diablo. Oh yeah an in game notice "Diablo walks the Earth" has to appear every time you summon him.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Shikon01 » December 19th, 2013, 7:46 pm

Wish I had known since vanilla what a cash cow some of these rares would go for...some are in the thousands and they are out there particularly blizcon pets and special additions if you're willing to sell your first born lol !! Of course most of us did not envision pet battles way back when or most of us probably would have made different choices. With that being said, I'm collecting what I can afford to pay for some rares w/ the knowledge that some pets will always be out of my reach. Hindsight is 20-20.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Aerozia » December 20th, 2013, 11:18 am

Killerkarl, they are available in ever dwindling quantities, and as I mentioned, buying then now gives NONE of the money to blizzard, the ones who produced them. And the prices are highly inflated because of their scarcity.

for all intents and purposes, they are still unobtainable for all but the richest collectors, if I had a thousand dollars to blow, I'd have a new awesome computer, not a $300 walmart one.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Gabrizar » December 20th, 2013, 12:33 pm

I hope and pray they will do it, same with the early Blizzcon pets and the Taiwan ones and the rest.
The newly added RAF pets opened the door that it is possible, so did the digital versions of the games WITH the pets.

On one hand I dont really think they will, they might not want to bother with the "old" pets.
On the other, it is Blizzard, they like money and there is money in pet collectors, and they dont make money on the insane sales over ebay. And even if they do, there would be a lot more money to make from all of us if that price was more "doable" for people that cant pay 500-1000 dollars for a pet.

Actually when I was doing my "give your opnion" about the digital blizzcon, I was asking them to do this. Again, I dont really think they will, but I still hope and pray they will.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Eekabu » December 20th, 2013, 3:50 pm

I would happily pay for the digital CE of the older WoW versions if they were to be re-released. I will pay £50 for the Reaper of Souls CE although I don't even play Diablo anymore.

As for the Blizzcon pets, Blizzard could make them cageable thus cheaper to obtain. My husband's account has the Mini Tyrael and he couldn't care less about the pet. I wish they would do something about it

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Roisen » December 20th, 2013, 7:15 pm

Eekabu wrote:As for the Blizzcon pets, Blizzard could make them cageable thus cheaper to obtain. My husband's account has the Mini Tyrael and he couldn't care less about the pet. I wish they would do something about it


I would love them to re-release some of the pets, I play on a high pop server and haven't seen anyone with a Murky in over two years, but I doubt they will. At least not for the ones from previous blizzcons/invite tournaments etc.

However what I hope they do (that might be more realistic) is to offer similar models to the collectors available through the store or another promotion. That is what kills me especially about the original collectors pets, there are none like them around [and as a Warlock I would love to have a little mini felhunter at my side].

Even if they re-released the collectors online for a limited time that would be amazing and generate tons of money for them.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Guest » December 20th, 2013, 9:42 pm

It's this topic again...

They were called COLLECTOR's EDITION PETS for a REASON.
Go collect!

Just because you've not seen Murky's doesn't mean people don't still have them. I don't run around with my vanilla CE pets out half the time. That doesn't mean I don't have them...

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Astraldr0p » December 21st, 2013, 2:35 am

I'm torn about it because it's right, they are called collector's editions for a reason and the people who did wait almost a decade to place their stuff up, have a right to dictate what price they want to sell it for.

I would love a reskin or something but at the same time, it's a slap in the face to the people who have dedicated the gold or the money to get them. I mean, I farmed forever to get the Fox Kit and right after they announced that it would be available to be purchase with token, I was upset.

I do like the direction of the digital deluxe editions and I hope that they go towards that direction too

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Flopsyhunt » December 21st, 2013, 4:44 am

They could simply sell the older versions via a digital CE version. I can't see how I would pay for it, but some certainly would.

Though I still think some of this is money grubbing a bit, as I had no chance of getting Murkalot without paying $40.

I did pay for several RAF accounts to get those mounts prior to account-wide mounts, but part of that was an attempt to get my wife to play, which didn't work out.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Aerozia » December 21st, 2013, 11:38 am

hey, they devalued the RAF mounts, so why not the collector's pets?
and yeah, they are Collector edition pets, if we want to collect they have to be made availilble, which they really arnt. and im styli sticking to my guns that buying them on Ebay is not an option, I'd rather pay the same amount to blizzard than pay anyone anything on ebay because they happened to be lucky enough to get one when they were available.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Aislinge » December 22nd, 2013, 1:55 am

I've always had the same opinion on this.

As a person who has many a CE pets and other rares, I have NO PROBLEMS with these becoming available again. Just as I have no issues with the RAF mounts becoming available again.

If you could guarantee the assumption that people had the opportunity to purchase the item at the time and didn't, then sure, restrict them. But these are virtual items in a game that's coming on 10 years old and using pixels as a way to have a level of elitism over others (via time in game or through real life money) is silly. Why deprive someone of the joy of collecting because they discovered WoW only 5 years ago instead of 9?

What I would like to see is:

- All CE's, TCG Rares, BlizzCon's, Asian only, Special Events etc pets and mounts in the BlizzStore.
- Blizzard use the opportunity to regain control of their own IP and the money from those products. Let's face it, Blizzard are making nothing out of some dodgy sod on eBay selling a Vanilla CE for $3k+
- Blizzard joining up with a combination of well-matched charities and donating large portions of these sales to those charities.
- Them doing this should see a decline in the prices of 3rd parties.

If someone said to me - for $50, you can have the Vanilla CE 3 pets and 50% of the proceeds will go to x charity, I'd be there with bells on.

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Livingdeath » December 22nd, 2013, 4:21 am

Aislinge wrote:- Blizzard use the opportunity to regain control of their own IP and the money from those products. Let's face it, Blizzard are making nothing out of some dodgy sod on eBay selling a Vanilla CE for $3k+

*Insert obligatory conspiracy theory comment about Mumper being the one to sell all those Original CEs, Tyreal and Murky codes under different identities. :lol:

I have most of the rare pets and CEs and I'm all for the idea of the digital CEs and digital pets. Not re-skins (because that won't satisfy the completion-ist in me.), but the same pets in our pet journal. I agree that it makes no sense that Blizz allow others to profit off their intellectual property. But as others have said, shy of winning the lottery or inheriting money from some long lost relative (which isn't likely), I'm not shelling out thousands of dollars for those pets. It's just not responsible if you can't afford to do that. I rather spend the money on my bills or the people I love.

I get why people are against it. I felt that way initially too. But I came to change my mind about it. If somebody else has the same pet as me, that doesn't lessen my enjoyment of that pet if I really care about it. I had a Bananas, Dragon Kite and Soul Trader long before MoP and I love all of those pets. And even though I see them more now because of the introduction of pet battling and the black market, it doesn't lessen my enjoyment of those pets. Ultimately I think it comes down to bragging rights for some. But I don't need a pet no one else has to feel special.

That's what my Murloc Costume is for. RlrlrlRLRLLRLGRLGRLGlglglglgl! :P

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Re: Collector's edition pets

Postby Memnochlv » December 22nd, 2013, 6:03 am

I certainly wouldn't mind them becoming available again (i purchased another physical CE BC for my lady since I ended up getting it when we bought our copies). I know Vanilla's CE release numbers were few and far between, I worked at Best Buy at the time, was in the WoW beta (so was certainly aware of it's existence and was on the lookout for shwag when it came out). BC and up weren't hard to obtain, though as I said, with BC we stupidly only bought one.

My lady was awesome and managed to get me a CE for SC2 and I had no problems getting SC2 HoTS when it came out. To be honest, WoTLK and up, I noticed stores had TONS, read that, TONS of CEs available... I did happen to notice D3 and it's distinct LACK of CEs available... this being a recent game (relatively) all things considered. Who dropped the ball on this one? I can still walk into local Gamestop's and Best Buy's and pick up MoP CE editions at retail prices. Hell, I think you can still order them both off of their respective web sites, so it isn't just a weird quirk either.

Blizz added the ability to upgrade your non-ce to CE a while back (hence buying my lady one). You can still (as of a couple of weeks ago) buy HoTS's digital CE from them. They obviously don't mind selling pet's to people. Why the hell wouldn't they? They don't even have to charge a hundred bucks. From what I've read, at the regular retail prices they're making a killing! It's not like they're "making" anything and incurring overhead costs (aside from a few cpu cycles to generate the codes =P)

And not to wreak of sour grapes, but I certainly don't think they care if it pisses people off. They regularly piss off players of classes with nerfs, or never fixing them (i won't say which), and this one gets them more green! I wouldn't be surprised in the least if we started seeing an option soon, especially with in-game purchases now.

Now just give me the Wind Rider Cub and Gryphons to buy as pets only (I really don't want 2 of each plush, since both my lady and I would get them). The RAF thing is kind of a sour grapes area for me. I recruited TONS of players back in the day and always said how I'd appreciate a free month for it. Low and behold, once I recruited most everyone I knew who would bother playing and continuing to pay for a few months, they start this wonderful service! (= Though to be fair, I did just recently manage to do it again and get the perdy Obsidian mount.

Anyhoo, enough ranting / raving, I hope we're right!

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