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CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby FuxieDK » December 17th, 2013, 12:26 pm

Name: Baby reindeer (looks just like that too, except with a miniature red nose)

Ability 1: Let It Snow: Snow starts to fall. Weather is changed to Snow Storm, which does xxx damage per round and reduce hit chace by 25% due to low visibility
Ability 2: STOP!: Nose is glowing bright red, blinding opponent for 2 rounds.
Ability 3: Hoof attack: Attack for xxx damage with front hooves.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Singularl » December 17th, 2013, 12:27 pm

Holly Sproutling (Humanoid)

A festive cousin of the Ashleaf Spriteling and Dandelion Frolicker, the Holly Sproutling has a belt and mantle of holly leaves. Holly berries adorn its ears and eyebrows. When it idles, it weaves a holly wreath.

Leaf Throw: It throws spiny toothed leaves, damaging the opposing pet.
Wreath Weave: It weaves a holly wreath, hypnotizing the opposing pet and putting it to sleep for 2 rounds.
The White Drink (see Wikipedia entry on “black drink”): It brews and drinks highly-caffeinated holly leaf tea, increasing its speed for 5 rounds.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Steelslife » December 17th, 2013, 12:32 pm

Snow gnoll (give me gnoll pet already :E)

Mini-copy of caster (like Riverpaw Mystic). Wears "red winter clothes".

- Snowball;
- Deflection;
- Healing Wave.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Preylark » December 17th, 2013, 12:33 pm

Misfit Toy - Magic
A jack-in-the-box in the shape of a humanoid clown. It wears a Santa hat, a jingle bell necklace and has a bright red nose.

Ability 1: Puppet Punch: Pop out of your box and slam into the target for X damage.
Ability 2: Creepy Cheerful Chuckle: Let's out a maniacal laugh, reducing the hit chance of the enemy team by 25% for 5 rounds.
Ability 3: Jingling Ringing: Jingle your bell necklace in a high pinched tone, doing X damage and reducing the targets speed by 25% for 3 rounds.

Ability 4: Back-in-the-box: Crouches back into your box, reducing damage done to you by 50% for two rounds.
Ability 5: Surprise Presents: Toss out 5 presents to the enemy team. Each present deals X damage and hits a random member of the enemy team.
Ability 6: Box Slam: Spring up high and land on the enemy pet, dealing double damage, but stunning you for 1 round.
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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Wrathofnature » December 17th, 2013, 12:35 pm

Inspired by Futurama
Robot Santa Greatfather Winter

Desc:Created by the Gnomish Friendly Robot Company to judge whether people were naughty or nicе and sort out presents accordingly. In typical gnomish fashion, something went horribly wrong, and the robot's standards were set far too high. Now every winter veil, he returns to punish the naughty.

Appearance: Robot in greatfather winter red clothes; carries an oversized candycane and a green sack of presents over shoulder


Candy Cane Club (lvl 1) - Clubs the target with a huge cane for X humanoid dmg.
Gift of Winter's Veil (lvl 2) - Throws a gift from your sack. Deals Y Magic damage to the enemy.
Milk and Cookies (Level 4) - Eat some goodies left out for greatfather winter, healing up to 25% of your health
Candy Cane Gun (lvl 10) - Opens fire with your candy cane machine gun for X mechanical dmg (mutli-hit ability similar to murkalot's blessed hammer, does less dmg than candy cane club)
Laughing Bomb (lvl 15) - Laughs and shakes tummy; explodes and instantly kills the caster, dealing damage equal to 40% of the user's total health to the current enemy. Using explode will prevent the caster from activating Failsafe mechanisms.
Repair (lvl 20) - Standard mech heal.
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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Decypher_ » December 17th, 2013, 12:40 pm

Santa's Metal Bells - Mechanical

Appearance: A set of two xmas bells

Hells Bells: The bells smack the enemy 1-3 times for xxx damage
Deaf Metal: The bells circle around the enemy ringing and causing a deafening noise, opponent is stunned for two rounds
For Whom the Bell Tolls: The bells sacrifice themselves, damaging the enemy for xxx after 5 rounds.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Vielas » December 17th, 2013, 12:41 pm


A human child model, with flanel pajamas and big boots.

1. Shoot your eye out-shoots the target doing exposive damage, but blinds the user for one turn, reducing there hit by 50% for one round

2.Beatdown-A vengeful attack that deals repressed human damage equal to the last hit taken by the user.

3.Daydream-Start daydreaming, while daydreaming either your greatest fanasty can come ue and you deal double dmg, or your worst nightmare comes true and you heal the enemy pet.
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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Rincy » December 17th, 2013, 12:43 pm

Name: Spirit of the Season
Type: magic

Looks: A golden glowing globe not unlike a wisp or the 'spirit of summer'. Around it it is snowing and while idling a little snowman slowly builds up underneath it. Instead of having a face in it as wisps do looking at (or in) it will show different scenes with a festive background like a festively decorated tree, greatfather winter in IF/OG, a nice snowy landscape (Winterspring?) with children playing in the snow etc.

1.: 'tis the season: 3 Round buff/debuff. Increases friendly team hit chance by 25%. Decreases enemy team hit chance by 25%.

2.: eggnog: Damages the enemy frontpet and turns the wether to "drunk" for 5 Rounds. While the weather is "drunk" all Pets have a 25% hit penalty

3.:caroling: Forces the enemy frontpet to go caroling for 2 Rounds. While caroling the Pet can not attack

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Keely » December 17th, 2013, 12:46 pm

Pet name: Festive Gift
Pet type: magic
Description: A box shape wrapped up with red paper tied with silver ribbon and a green bow.
It bounces along beside you.
When clicked it make jingle bell sounds.
Attacks: Ribbon swipe - ribbons lash out at enemy doing X damage
Wrap up - Paper flies out at the enemy, stunning it for one round
Winter Veil Morning - causes snow to fall and fills all team members with joy, increasing their chance to hit by 5%

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Auctoria » December 17th, 2013, 12:49 pm

Furious Fruitcake!
Ring shaped cake with Icing Dripping off of it. Visible multi-colored fruit bits.
Text: "So round, so firm, so fully fruited!"
Abilities: Rum Punch (Simple Damage Extra if Sunny Weather)
Dried Fruit (Sunny Weather buff/debuff)
Icing Storm (reduces opponent's Hit + Damage)
Last Year's Cake (One high DPS hit and Cake is dead similar to Unborn Valkyrie)
Chopped Nuts (3 turn drop damage)
Re-Gift (Trade this pet for opponent backline pet. Usable once per duel lasts 3 rounds)

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Vsar1sk » December 17th, 2013, 12:53 pm

Lil' Greench.
Looks like The Abominable Greench or any other Yety (but with green color) or new pretty baby model.

- Abominable Crush: Crush the enemy, dealing ??? Humanoid damage.
- Cleave: Inflicts ??? Humanoid damage to the enemy team.
- Shrink Heart: Deals Humanoid damage to the enemy team and slows the attack speed of current opponent.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Mojo882 » December 17th, 2013, 12:57 pm

Musical bulldog

An adoreable small black bulldog with a red nose and santa hat. Hes chosen to be antisocial so he has his mp3 player in a pouch on his belt and the earpugs in his ear.

1) What do you want for christmas - Bulldogs wish is to do 500 damage to the enemy pet, santa delivers!
2) Boogie - He dances to his christmas music intoxicating the enemy with his moves, Accuracy increased to 100% for the next 2 moves
3) Kiss - He runs up to the enemy pet and licks him all over, its so adoreable the enemy pet takes 350 straight away and an additional 50 for 4 turns.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Hantan » December 17th, 2013, 1:05 pm

Blizzards first ever horse pet, a showy Clydesdale complete with harness bells and a wreath around his neck.

-Giddy-up: increases the speed of all pets by 25% for 9 rounds
-Frost-rimmed kick: lashes out with both hind feet to deliver a frost-rimmed blow dealing X elemental damage. This ability interrupts if it goes first.
-Jinglebell rock: Jingle-horse prances wildly, flinging bells dealing X beast damage. Opponents struck by the bells take double damage for 2 rounds. Continues for 3 rounds.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Rhoopes73 » December 17th, 2013, 1:06 pm

The Winter Veil Treant - Magical Pet

The Winter Veil Treant would be a little treant (ala Mr. Withers) with Winter Veil lights in its branches

- Boughs of Holly (lvl 1) - The Treant flings christmas a Winter Veil Wreath at the opponent, dealing damage.

- Winter Veil Log (lvl 2) - The Treant puts down a Winter Veil log, it's steady fire making the battle field cozy for 9 rounds, increasing all healing effects by 20%

- Winter Blizzard (lvl 4) - The Treant summons forth a terrible winter blizzard, dealing damage to all of the opponents pets.

- Avalanche (lvl 10) - The Treant causes a large amount of snow to fall from tree branches onto the opponent, dealing damage.

- Present Drop (lvl 15) - With the sound of jingling bells, presents are dropped on non-active pets, healing them.

- Flashing lights (lvl 20) - The Winter Veil lights flash and shine, sending a ray of light at the opponent, dealing damage and leaving the opponent blinded for 3 rounds.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Goldenarms » December 17th, 2013, 1:09 pm

Name: Crimson Rider
Family: Magic
Description: A floating rifle surrounded by a red glow. Reminiscent of Ralphies desired gift from A Christmas Story.
1) Crack Shot: A mechanical attack that deals moderate damage to a single opponent.
2) Shoot Your Eye Out!: A mechanical attack that blinds the target for 1 round.
3) Gift: A magic ability that heals you.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Khalivas » December 17th, 2013, 1:10 pm

Ghost of Winter Veil - undead spectral appearance of greatfather winter/winter helper

Snowstorm - deals X elemental damage plus additional X elemental damage if the target is chilled
A Winter Veil Carol - Heals your team for X amount, 3 round cooldown
Learn from Your Mistakes - Increases damage taken by 25% for 1 round to deal 100% increased damage on next attack
Haunt - as is
Lessons of Scrooge - surrounded by ghosts becoming unattackable for 3 rounds, during this time lessons of scrooge deals X undead damage to target, 25% chance to horrify target, horrified targets take 50% more damage but have 25% increased speed, 7 round cooldown
Spirit of Winter Veil - summons a winter veil tree, winter veil tree heals the current active pet for X amount every round lasting 4 rounds, 5 round cooldown
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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Postby Hypah » December 17th, 2013, 1:13 pm

Santa Murloc!
A blue murloc that traveled from far away to come to Azeroth to celebrate the Winter Veil. He holds a sack on his back and dresses in the standard red winter clothes (including hat and boots.)

Sack Smash: Smash the enemy with your sack of toys dealing 254 damage and applying a deals 54 damage every round for 5 rounds.

Cookies and Milk: The user eats some Cookies and Milk and regains 25% of it's health.

NAUGHTY!: The user encases the enemy with coal, stunning them for 1 round.


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