CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Nagflar » December 18th, 2013, 6:01 am

Name : Magic Mirror
Type : MAgic
look like the magic mirror on fairly tales

Ability 1 : Magic touch . deal xx damage and have 25% to TURN enemy to mirror for 1 round
Ability 2 : Self buff + 25% speed and 25+ Damage for 2 round . 4 round cool down
Ability 3 : Magic Reflect . 100% reflect all spell/damage for 1 round . 5 round cool down

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Puppies all Around

Post by Gefion » December 18th, 2013, 6:08 am

Christmas border collie puppie.

A black and white border collie puppie with a red bow / ribbon around his neck. Qute as hell, Puppies for Everyone <3

3 special abilties: Herding the Flock: Confuse opponents team for 1 round. Eye: Makes opponents active pet stiffen and thereby missing 1 action and Size Up: Become frull grown border collie who do double beast damage for 2 rounds, but when it wears of he looses 50 % health.

Happy Holidays

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Darmand » December 18th, 2013, 6:28 am

I had all sorts of wild ( and hard to implement) ideas. So I decided to be less original in favor of being more doable. :)

Name: Spirit of the Holidays
Appearance: Re-skin of the current elf pets. ( but not a humanoid pet)
Family: Magic
Slot 1 Ability: Better to Give That to Receive
Deals 350 Humanoid Damage. 90% Hit Chance
Slot 2 Ability: Gift Exchange
Trade Current Health Totals with Target Ally. Health loss affected by racial. 5 round Cooldown.
Slot 3 Ability: Sharing is Caring.
Heal random enemy pet for 25% and self for 50%. 5 round Cooldown.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Nagini » December 18th, 2013, 7:18 am

name: Kitschy Ornament
Look: A chrismas tree ornament, like a floating christmas tree ball whit a ribbon on top.
Cats, puppies and other playfull pets are the natural predator of these shiny critters

- Shatter: an ability like the ones the elemental spider pets have, rushes the enemy and explodes in poof of shards for massive damage to the opponent and damage to itself.
-Gather Dust: only usable outside of winterveil, uses one round to 'Gather dust' and the second round to 'Unleash Dust' in the choking cloud we all know when we have to get ornaments from nana's attic.
-I's made out of Plastic!: Turns the christmas ornament into a plastic one temporarely, reducing damage taken by a little and allowing it to use Shatter without the recoil.

(it could have a little animation when someone with one of the cat pets out comes to close, were the cat runs up to it and whacks it with it's paw periodically)

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Barnette » December 18th, 2013, 7:22 am

Playful Present
Type: Magic

Description: this colorfully wrapped present seems to follow you around the room, each time you unwrap it there seems to be another layer of wrapping inside, however its lid will occasional flip open for a moment and sparkles and small noise makers pop out.

Presents for everyone!
"A show of presents spill appear, addressed to the enemy team, feeling bashful they do 25% less damage for 2 turns."

Gingerbread houses
"Creates a small gingerbread house that blocks one attack then heals your team for 10% of their base health, 4 round cool down."

Shhh is that Great Father Winter on the Roof?
"The active pet of both sides swap with with their Team mate with the highest health while they run off to see if Great Father Winter has left their presents under the tree."

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Clem009 » December 18th, 2013, 7:24 am

Name: Treebeard
Type: Magic
Look: a small festive Christmas tree covered in lights and a few bulbs. Hobbles out to do battle

Ability One: Holiday Cheer- Throws a gift wrapped present at a target for damage

Ability Two: Spirit of the holiday's- Heals the pet

Ability Three: Gift wrapped- Wraps the enemy in Christmas paper keeping it from attacking for one round.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Jdnight » December 18th, 2013, 7:33 am

Pet Name: Lost Front Tooth

One of the lost front teeth of a child has come to life, thanks to the Winter Veil Magic. This little guy is white with a round top and pointy feet. He also has a killer bite.

Lick - A lick that Stuns the opponent.
Tooth Decay - an green circle appears below the enemy, poisoning the enemy for 3 turns.
Killer Bite - A bite that most likely will crit for alot of damage. 3 turn cooldown.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Cheln » December 18th, 2013, 7:54 am

Cranky Christmas Tree

A typical cartoon christmas tree with twig arms/hands and a grumpy face, covered in baubles and tinsel. He has a cat residing in his upper regions, possibly the reason he is so cranky.

1: Bauble barrage - Hurls christmas baubles at the enemy, baubles continue to fall for 3 rounds
2: Tinsel Tote- Cranky Christmas Tree surrounds itself with tinsel, shielding from an attack for one round
3: Kitty attack - the resident cat in the christmas tree lurches out and scratches the enemy

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Nightwill » December 18th, 2013, 8:05 am

Candy Cane Golem (Magical Pet)
"Originally created by a mage to prove you could indeed make a golem out of the sweets rumor says the first one watched the process..and learned.."

Appearance: Reskinned Ripper in white with red stripes and beady red eyes.

Spirit of Giving
Hit 100%
Opposing team's active pet gains 5% of the other pets health as healing for 3 rounds, 3 round cool down.

Grinch Strike
Hit 100%
Hits the enemy for 276 (L25) Magic Damage and steals any objects on the battlefield for your team. If the ability requires a second activation to use this button may be used for this immediately otherwise 2 round cooldown.

Shattered Heart and Hope
Hit 75%
Prove that there is no Father Winter to your foe doing 450 magic damage with a 25% stun to stun the target for 1 round.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Fogg » December 18th, 2013, 9:33 am

Pet Name:Sinister Snowflake

Family:Elemental (duh)

Description: White, of course, hints of blue with occasional sparkle, typical fancy 6 armed snowflake design but if you look through the first few layers of ice in the center, a pair of dark eyes takes shape with an evil slant, eyes fade in and out.

Idle: does slow twirl and drifts on breeze

Ability 1.Call Blizzard-calls down all it's snowflake friends to chill enemy,deals (x) damage and causes a blizzard for 9
rounds; all pets are chilled
Ability 2.Snowfort-Builds a wall of snow that blocks all attacks for 2 rounds and while safe in it's fort, recovers (x) health
Ability 3.Snowball Fight!-Pelts enemy team with snowbals doing (x) damage to front pet and 1/3 (x) damage to backline pets

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Amarilys » December 18th, 2013, 9:34 am

RUDOLF: a reindeer with a big bright red nose, that runs in the air (similar to the way a flying mount turned into reindeer would fly) and leaves a redish glowing trail (like the jeweled panthers do). He would also make loops and jump around in the air when idle.

for the abilities:

Guiding light: removes any hit chance reducing effect and increases your hit chance by 100%
Naughty or nice: Recovers 10% hp for all the pets on your team and hits all enemy pets for 100 hp
Sleight guiding: similar to any swam skill but the reindeer points out at the enemy and stays while a group of reindeers go past and hit the enemy pet. The last hit comes from a sleight with a santa on top!

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Willemvanarkel » December 18th, 2013, 9:38 am

I would like to see a fully dressed up father christmas sleigh.

the three abilities could be something like:
- Throwing out gifts from the back of the sleigh to do damage.
- running over the opposite pet(s) for damage
- calling on the reindeer to pull the sleigh and harming everything that is in their way.

Kind regards,

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Ammeg » December 18th, 2013, 9:44 am

Oh this is a tough one, had it been a mount, I'd have known what to write. Let's see...

Ok looking at my Christmas Cards, I came up with this:

Winter Veil Reindeer - Magic Pet.
An animated Reindeer, who's Winter Veil lights would flash on and off up it's antlers and who's nose glows. The sound that comes from mounting up on a mount that has holly attached to it would be the sound effects for this one.

- Light the Way: A bright beam of light causes the opposing team to be weakened and take more damage for 10 turns.
- Present Drop: Gifts fall from the sky causing damage over time to the opposing pet.
- Winter Veil Spirit: With a glittery noise, it heals itself for half of it's total hp, can only be used once every 6 turns.

Silly sketched idea (main idea taken from a colouring book xD)

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Scooter 60 » December 18th, 2013, 9:51 am

Bob Hatchit ( Undead ghoul ) with black and white santa outfit on

1) DMG hurlling hatchet chance on hit to break into small candy canes and hit other battle pets with shards of peppermint
2) HEAL would be to drink rotten :oops: egg nog 3 round cooldown
3) DMG a massive attack old bob will throw his arm at you and the next round he would go pick up the arm and hit you again while saying Happy Holidays!!


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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Raynarra » December 18th, 2013, 9:55 am

Name: Phive Goldenrings
Appearance: White billowing dress with golden rings around arms and neck

(1) Smelt- A DOT effect that puts a golden puddle on the ground lasts 8 rounds

(2) Interlock:- Rings are chained together around opponent that prevents swapping for 2 rounds and does X damage with 5 round CD

(3) Gold Rush: - A barrage of golden rings that does x damage to team lasts 3 rounds with a 3 round CD

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Jorost » December 18th, 2013, 9:56 am

Goblin Bell Ringer Humanoid Speed/Speed
A goblin dressed up as Great-Father Winter, ringing his bell for Trade Prince Gallywix's Winter Veil "charity".

Bell Ring: Rings his bell, dealing humanoid damage and reducing enemy chance to hit.
Spirit of Giving: Give enemy pet a large ticking present. After two rounds present has 50% chance to explode dealing a large amount of mechanical damage.
"Donate": Remove all items from the field, heal your team for a small amount for each item taken and switch to your highest health pet.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Ravenshadow » December 18th, 2013, 10:05 am

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Flying.
A Sugar Sprite, it could look like a white glowing fairy with sparkles of sugar falling down. Moves could be,
Sticky Stack: Freezes opponent in place for 1 round and has a 3 round debuff.
Candy Fall: assorted candy falls for 3 rounds hitting the target.
Gum Drop: Deals X amount of damage.
Sugar Rush: Speed buff X% amount for 3 rounds.
Gingerbread Man: 1 round dodge. ( Because you can't catch the Gingerbread Man)
Peppermint: Heals X amount for 2 rounds.

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Re: CONTEST: Doobjanka's Murkablo Holiday Giveaway!

Post by Zubak93 » December 18th, 2013, 10:07 am

Old Fruitcake - Undead
That old fruitcake in your inventory has come to life! It floats and seems to be discolored. It's three abilities are:

- Dried Currant: The fruitcake slams into opposing pets doing X damage, defense is also reduced.
- Nutty As A Fruitcake: The Fruitcake throws its nuts at the opposing pet, dealing X damage over 5 rounds.
- The One Fruitcake: The Fruitcake re-solidifies and heals itself for X % of total health.