Blizzard Pet Store Update!!

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Blizzard Pet Store Update!!

Post by Grolgan » November 30th, 2013, 1:40 am

Not sure if this has been posted yet or not.

The Wind Rider Cub (Pet and Plushy) and the Gryphon Hatchling (Pet and Plushy) were both recently removed from the Pet Store entirely. Its unknown if they'll ever return.

Also found this out too, the Gaurdian Cub is FREE (At least that's how it shows on my screen). What used to be $10 and sellable on the AH is now yours to just grab and go! *** EDIT *** el-oh-el... they sucker you into it saying you are adopting a friend, but in the end it still makes you pay $10 for it when you get to the credit card screen... /sigh.

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