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Pet Breeds?

Share pet collecting news and advice.
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Pet Breeds?

Postby Squishysib » November 29th, 2013, 7:10 am

Hi there, I literally just found out about pet breeds today, and after catching over 250+ rare quality pets, I'm not too keen on going out and trying to catch new ones and subsequently training them because I got the worst possible combination ever.

The likelihood that I will PvP with them often is in the low percentages, so with that in mind, does it even matter what breed types I have? Also, does anyone know of a comprehensive list somewhere that gives the overall best breeds for each pet? I also don't want to waste my battle stones on pets that are subpar.

Thanks for opinions / help. :)

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Re: Pet Breeds?

Postby Melmo » November 29th, 2013, 7:45 am

Everyone has their favorite breeds, some people really like speed, some like power. It really depends a lot on the actual lvl 25 stats of the pet itself... like, for instance, I would never choose a speedy snail because even the fastest snail is still REALLY slow. Some health pets are still pretty powerful, so staying alive plus packing a punch would be the most beneficial. Some pets you could sacrifice speed for health or power because they have a move that increases their speed for one round or more... so knowing your pet and its moves will help you decide what breed you want.

My favorite is usually an H/P pet but I have favorite and strong pets of all breeds. Anything with speed less than 289 I usually don't fuss over, as you usually won't go first unless you're battling poors out in the wild. A good start is keeping your beasts health or speed, your undeads as slow as possible, your critters quick, your mechanicals powerful--although there are variables in all families. One of my most loved pets is a very fast moth (flying pets I like to keep speed and/or power). But all pets are different, not all fast moths are the same speed, one S/S moth could be much faster than a different kind of moth, so for that moth you might want to choose higher health and/or power. I hope this is all making sense, I just worked a 12-hour Black Friday shift >_<

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Re: Pet Breeds?

Postby Squishysib » November 29th, 2013, 11:55 am

My sympathy! D:

And thanks for the advice. Since I'm not going to be PvPing I think I'm just going to not worry about it, or just get all B/B if I do. I'd never be done with 350+ pets to worry about doing this for! Plus breeding next expansion.... /dead

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Re: Pet Breeds?

Postby Gwenolyn » November 29th, 2013, 7:51 pm

There are a few pets that have a better breed because they are better for the celestial tourney or certain tamers, but for PvE for the most part it doesn't matter (or you will have comparable pet with the appropriate stats and the same move set-- like moths for example).

I try to only worry about with pets with very unique moves that would benefit from certain stats: like I went out of my way for a rare s/s cogblde raptor (might be a bad example, but first one that popped in my head).

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Re: Pet Breeds?

Postby Pyy » November 29th, 2013, 10:15 pm

^ S/S Flayer Youngling would be another. @OP, if you aren't PvPing, I wouldn't worry too much about it, it won't make a tremendous different with the vast majority of pets.

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Re: Pet Breeds?

Postby Lolfixheal » November 30th, 2013, 6:02 am

B/B is probably the worst breed type you can get overall. Some cases its the best because lack of better options. B/B is balance/balance, it basicly means youre spreading your given points for the breed out on all 3 stats. As said above, dont pump speed points if the pet isnt speedy etc, its just wasted points. Try to look for speed breakpoints and ability setup and then strengthen the pets design.

276 - B/B
289 - common P/S
305 - some H/S
325 - S/S
333 - S/S
341 - S/S

These are just some examples, many pets run same base stats (before breed pts are applied) but some do not, other pets (mostly later added) run totally weird breakpoints. In PvP, if you dont go first with your fast pet, all its points into speed is basicly wasted and could have been better used in health or power.

When I look at breeds, I'll first check the following:
Any pure breeds available? (HH PP SS)
Race passive/type of pet?
Speed granting ability available?
Stuns, interupts, dodge, pvp abilities available? (these would benefit highly from going first)
Heal available? (healthgain is based on power)

Sometimes you get a poor selection of breeds available to you, lets take Gulp Froglet, Timeless Isle frog pet. I think it got HP HB BB available.
- no pure breeds
- aquatic, shite
- no heal,no dodge,no kick,no nothing.
- slow, no speed increasing ability

So you can't make it speedy, its not meant to be. Well then stack power and health on it. You get highest possible attack while having highest amount of health on the pet if you choose the HP breed. Sorted :)

Get BattlepetbreedID addon, works wonder, lightweight and subtle.

Some pets do your head in when it comes to breeds, one early on for me was the Fluxfire Feline (long after nerf). 2 good breeds available, attacks that increase, decrease speed and attacks that needs 'go first' factor. So my mind is spinnning "hmm if i still can be faster with 289 only I'll stretch my power abit and i can always take another attack".

In PvP some pets will never work, and some pets are made for it. When you do start to battle other people your view on pets will start to get narrowed down to a handful only, those are the pets that actually only can battle. People naturally chooses good PvP pets in PvP (doh), so try some of those perhaps.

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