5.4 new pets - Bonkeys

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5.4 new pets - Bonkeys

Post by Papazol » August 27th, 2013, 1:23 pm

Few words about some new pets we will able to find in 5.4.
Many of them just a tradeble rare drop from rare mobs, what looks just a little borring, but not all.
And №1 I want to talk, Bonkers http://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pets/hu ... s/bonkers/ , - one from favorite pets in next patch. This little monkey is humanoid, what gives selfheal pasive, has avoidance and does great dmg. This pet not tradeble, so we will have to obtain it ourself. How to do it - one from first quests we will get on Timeless isle will move us around points of interest, including cave with friendly nps monkey in turban - Master Kukuru. Cave is a full of different model Timeless chests and we can buy universal Timeless key for them for 500 timeless coints. Most common loot is ... a little amount of timeless coins. So it works like "one-armed bandite" - you buy 10 keys and get back coins for 5 more. With some chance you can get timeless armor pieces, what is just waste of key, cose you can get them from any sourse on Isle. With lesser chance you can get Burden of Eternity - this is extrimetly potent thing, cose it upgrades timeless armor tokens from 496 to 535 ilvl (LFR drop - 528 ilvl). And rariest drop I still saw - pet Bonkers. This pet always rare.
I have this pet in 2 breeds for now - 9/19 (h/s), what randomly appeared like 25 lvl pet in journal on some point beta-test and 1lvl 7/17 (h/p), what I got from Timeless chest from 50+ atempt, what costs me more than 10k timeless coins.

Bonkers 9/19(h/s) breed on 25 lvl has 1546 hp, 260 power, 289 speed.
It uses Jub, Going Bonkers! (crit chance 100% for 2 rounds 3 rounds cd), Haymaker, Bite, Dodge, Tornado Punch (450 humanoid dmg, 25% to stun, 4 rounds cd).

I saw that this is one from favorite pets in 5.4 and start from it for one easy reason.
In 9/19 (h/s) breed with good timing for Dodge to avoid Lift-off and Haymaker hits in Emerald presense lacunes Bonkers can solo down, or, at last make 60% dmg, one from Celestials - drake Yu'la .

Good hunting.

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Re: 5.4 new pets - Bonkeys

Post by Azrile » August 27th, 2013, 1:46 pm

I think for the first month at least, ( and for non-raiders). buying those keys is going to be the way to go. Not only is it he only way to get this pet, but the Burden of Eternity are like the Mojos from Barrens, only there is not a cap of 1 per week AND the gear they make is better than LFR gear from SoO.

From the data I have seen. The timeless coins work out to 50% loss over the long-term if you buy keys. So in other words, you are paying 250 coins for the chance for the burdens and the pet.

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