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Vanilla and Burning crusade ce info.

Posted: August 16th, 2013, 10:28 am
by Lucio

i have bought those 2 ce's New and Sealed, and was looking forward to adding them to my account, should be easy right??

No it ain't.

All of those unused codes r now expired, so i had to spend 90 mins on the phone With support, taking pics of everything atleast twice it felt like, and after that they r t elling me that they had changed their policy about helping on the phone, so i have to send the Reference card from the unique Cards that r in the Box to France, as in physical, it was'nt enough With pics.

This is meant a s a little heads up for the others out there wanting to buy these old ce's.

Re: Vanilla and Burning crusade ce info.

Posted: August 16th, 2013, 6:39 pm
by Yazhi
Hmm thats odd, last year I bought the BC collectors edition on Ebay. I had the same issue (the code stating it was expired) my steps:

1) Called Blizz, explained the issue to them, they confirmed it was because the code was old and they would need proof of purchase.

2) I took a screen shot of the page on ebay showing I had bought and paid for the item (of course covering up any personal information regarding credit card etc) and I also took a picture of the paypal transaction so they could see the money removed from my account (again cover the card details)

3) I took a photo of the Game key in the box (clear good quality) and a couple of photos showing the entire contents of the box (they requested the entire boxset to be shown, not just the game key)

I sent these images in a reply to the open ticket stating exactly what it was, and the pets were sent to me in the mailbox, it was 5 mins on the phone, and about 10 mins taking screenshots/photos.

I had my pets given to me the same day that I called up (a couple hours, actually had a really fast gm response)

Really sucks that you had that issue I find it odd and probably would've called to speak to a different representative (If you didn't already) some co-operate more easy than others and you got the proof to back it up. Hope this isn't true it makes it real hard for us collectors that are trying to get previously inaccessible pets...

Good luck, hope it gets resolved soon


Re: Vanilla and Burning crusade ce info.

Posted: August 16th, 2013, 7:28 pm
by Lucio
i've done more or less the same thing as u did, but as they said, they changed their policy about a year ago regarding this issue, so i Guess some smart People have figured out a way to find these old ce keys, and adds them. i even had to take a pic of the gamecode along With my driver's licence and visa card, so they could add the code to the player they said.

and after a while they actually confirmed the code was legit, unused and it matched With the barcode.

But on monday i'm gonna travel to the Blizzard Office here in Norway, we actually have 1 :-) 2 employees it says.

but i bet that won't be enough, but i'll find out.