* Frostmourne (or grp) * MINFERNAL *

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* Frostmourne (or grp) * MINFERNAL *

Post by Xcandie » August 15th, 2013, 9:47 am

I collected 2x Minfernals (i know it was greedy.. but.. the other faction was being mean n the only other person around :()

Both roughly 3hrs ago.

Min spawn time is 6hrs.

May need to clear the spawn table a little to get them to turn up.

For your very own Minfernal ------------------

In literally 2.5 hrs from now --- start killing as many critters as possible in Felwood.

At 10 mins before 3 hrs..... Camp camp camp!! N there will be 2 there for you :)

I know there is rumour of longer spawn time... but. This results from a full spawn table n other critters not being used up. They dont need to be captured/defeated, just killed.


* Giving spawn time of Minfernal (rare pet) for FREE to pet collectors. The pet can not be caged or sold - but is very good for pet battle and a rare for collectors * PST if want it *

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