Silithid Hatchling - please share your experiences!

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Silithid Hatchling - please share your experiences!

Post by Gogo » October 5th, 2012, 7:00 pm

So the Silithid Hatchling is the very last (non-seasonal) pet I need from Kalimdor... as a result, I was unusually persistent today in trying to catch one. But my efforts ended in failure!

I have been camping the lair areas in Tanaris for a day or two, waiting for a sandstorm to begin. Today, I finally caught one - in fact, I think I noticed it right as it started. It was 9am on the server Hyjal. There were several other people that were searching at various times during the duration of the storm, but I searched hard for a solid 2.5 hours without finding a single hatchling.

So my questions are these:
- Have you successfully captured a Silithid Hatchling? If so, when was it? How many hatchlings did you see? Was it just a single random spawn?
- How many sandstorms have you experienced? How long do you think they last? How often do they occur?
- (is there anything else that you might find useful for those who are still searching?)

I thought it curious that my sandstorm began on the hour (9am server time) and I definitely didn't expect to last so darn long! I thought they must be short little bursts based on the fact that I had never seen one before....

Please share your experiences.... My impression at the moment is the mechanism for catching this pet is sort of insane and possibly even bugged. I can't believe they'd make you wait through multiple random (and lengthy!) sandstorms to have a shot at catching a single creature.


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Re: Silithid Hatchling - please share your experiences!

Post by Epicleptic » October 6th, 2012, 10:37 pm

I caught mine in the early hours of the morning some days ago, there was absolutely no one else around. They spawn at both Silithid sites, perhaps 10-15 (maybe more) possible Silithid Hatchlings crawling about ready to rumble. I caught one initially then flew around til I got a Rare quality one. Truely, though, one or two other players could really mess things up for you. I would encourage you to station an alt in Tanaris and login once an hour or every two hours than to station yourself at the zone. Happy hunting :)

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Re: Silithid Hatchling - please share your experiences!

Post by Rubberbiscuit » October 6th, 2012, 10:42 pm

I got mine mid afternoon a few days ago. I only saw 2 but then I didnt stay to look around! Just flew straight into a sandstorm in Tanaris and caught one, will have to go back later for a rare.
Same thing happen with my baby ape...flew onto a rainy island and nabbed an ape! :)

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Re: Silithid Hatchling - please share your experiences!

Post by Snowyjoe » October 7th, 2012, 12:53 pm

I got mine in the afternoon as well.

I don't know how the weather system works but during my time there were 2 sand storms only a few minutes after the first one ended. It could be just random.

During the storms, I found around 4-5 Hatchlings each. I had 2 other people trying to capture the pets as well but they left fairly quickly once they got their first catch. I stayed around trying to find a rare quality one.

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