LF 2 Arena partners in EU for Murloc pet

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LF 2 Arena partners in EU for Murloc pet

Post by FuxieDK » August 1st, 2013, 11:21 pm

I'm looking for 2 players to partner up with, on the Arena Tournament, ONLY FOR THE PET..

You sign up, pay the 15€/12£, make a toon, and the 3 of us, form an arena team..

Once we have participated in 50 matches, we get our Murloc pet..

Please note, I'm absolotely horrible BAAAAD at PvP, as I don't enjoy it, so don't expect more than a single or two wins, out of the 50 matches.. For the same reason, class/spec of your team doesn't matter, it's ONLY FOR THE PET!

We need to do all 50 matches with the same team, so if you can't commit to that, please don't respond..

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Re: LF 2 Arena partners in EU for Murloc pet

Post by Squall » August 3rd, 2013, 1:48 pm

me and my guildie need someone for our team for the very same reason

I sent you a PM with my battle tag. I hope you will answer quickly :D otherwise I'll start looking for someone else tomorrow evening (since rated matches begin @ August 6th)

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