Amateurish Question - Caging Pets

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Amateurish Question - Caging Pets

Post by Bellaryl » October 4th, 2012, 11:33 am

So...I asked a guildie with a Panda toon if she could box me up one of those little crane chicks I have been seeing. She said that you have to get boxes from the trainers. I'm 100% confused. I'm a pet collector, but other than "releasing" poor quality wild pets that I've been catching, I haven't given any away.

Can someone help me with some rudimentary questions? I've looked on other forums, Wowhead, WoWWiki, and (gods help me) the Blizz forums - where someone asks a question and it devolves into a big old whingfest that has nothing to do with the actual issue. I am trusting you guys to set me right.

If you want to trade pets with someone, don't you just box em up in the Pet Journal and then hand them over to whomever you want (or go on the AH...whatever floats your boat)? Is there a finite number of "cages" you can use? Do you have to earn said cages? Is there a reason why someone can't just buy that jade crane chick from the vendor, box it up, and trade with me??

I'm loathe to spend thousands of gold in the auction house, when I have several guildmates who would be willing and able to do this. would get me to perhaps part with some duplicates.

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Re: Amateurish Question - Caging Pets

Post by Mathew013 » October 4th, 2012, 11:57 am

It is my understanding that only some pets can be caged. Wild pets, the Blizzard store 'bought' pets and some quest/achievement reward pets are NOT eligible to be caged. The vendor bought (in game) can be - such as the cats from the lady in Elwynn Forest or a dropped pet (like the ones in the AH) CAN be caged - which leads me to believe: If you can sell it in the AH, it can be caged.

>> Mathew

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Re: Amateurish Question - Caging Pets

Post by Cutepets99 » October 4th, 2012, 12:26 pm

Just wanted to mention that with the new system, I don't think you can re-learn (old way, buy) the Jade Crane if you train/buy it and cage/sell it.
I tried it on a worgen for the Gilnean Raven (caged it) and tried to buy/train it again (says already learned, unable to train/buy again).

Gilnean Raven and Jade Crane chick is specific to the race of your character.

Not sure if you can buy/train the pet again if you create a new worgen/panda as I only have 1 char of each race.

So if your guildie is unwilling to cage the chick for you, I recommend just creating a panda char and level out to the trainer and learn it yourself. It's like 50 silver.

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Re: Amateurish Question - Caging Pets

Post by Nosiara » October 4th, 2012, 1:10 pm

Yes, you can cage these pets. The raven and jade crane can be traded. I had a guildy grab one of each for me. And you dont have to buy cages. Right click the pet, choose the put in cage option. Easy as can be. Happy Hunting!

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