Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Aurae » July 16th, 2015, 10:29 pm

I have only named one pet (that I recall specifically). The Elekk Plushie. The first time I was running around with him for the achievement, I noticed how he would despawn, then randomly pop back up and just stare at you. It was super creepy. So he was named Herbert, for Herbert the Pervert, because that was the first thing that popped into my head when he was just standing there staring. All creepy like. Seemed fitting.

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Ayzlynfaere » July 17th, 2015, 5:13 am

Pretty much all of my pets are some sort of reference to something. I do have a few names that were on the fly though.

Like "Jive" Turkey
my fungal abomination Mildude
Scraps the lil leftovers
Hissyfit the cobra hatchling

some are references to their name in other languages (latin, french, hindi, etc)
Fragments of Anger, Desire, or Suffering (Ezzu, Sunqu, and Idurtu - supposedly Sumerian words for those emotions)

or there's all kinds of nerdy references
phoenix hatchling/dark phoenix hatchlings - Jean and Force
Wolvarine the curious wolvar pup
"Wesley" Crusher
Darth Squidius - Syd the squid
Deathstar - iron starlette
Gringott the Treasure Goblin
Mad Eye the arcane eye
the Zandalari quartet Howard, Rajesh, Leonard, and Sheldon

It's getting increasingly difficult to come up with names, but I'll manage :D

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Lachiades » July 17th, 2015, 12:21 pm

Stitched Pup: Thcrapth (Sir Pratchett takes all the credit)
Fossilized Hatchling: Deathofrats (^)
Emperor Crab: Pinché
Electrified Razortooth: Berzap
Anubisath Idol: Anoobis
Qiraji Guardling: HuHu
Arctic Hare and Pup: FurryFlurry and FurryFlurryFury
Lofty Libram: Ulysses
Nordrasil Wisp: Archie
Onyxian Whelpling: Orlando

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Nelaphim » July 18th, 2015, 5:52 am

Once upon a time, I used to run with a team of 3 Zandalari raptors called 'Clev', 'Er', and 'Girl'.

Alas, that is about as close as I have come to being 'witty'. Most of the time, I name pets after the people who helped me get them, something related to what the pet would be in the 'real' world, or something snarky.

EDIT: Oh! Because I am a huge nerd, I named my 2 Fossilized Hatchlings 'Telorast' and 'Curdle'.

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Milotha » August 8th, 2015, 2:55 am

Alpine Foxing - Force Five
Alpine Foxling Kit - Fantastic
Anodized Robo Cub - Robearto
Arcane Eye - Sauron
Draven - Crow
Elder Python - Readability
Elk Plushie - George
Giant Bone Spider - Ziggy
Mirror Strider - Arnold
Unborn Val'kyr - Valeria
Little Fawn - Dil

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Mairwen » August 8th, 2015, 4:12 am

Matthias wrote:my Raven is called "Quoth".
My raven is Lenore. :)
Eppie wrote:Crow - Sam
I also have a Sam Crow. ;)

My Giant Bone Spider is Varys because...

My Valk'yr are Brienne, Lagertha, and Eowyn.

I have a Lofty Libram named Shepherd (Book) and a firefly named Serenity.

It made me all kinds of sad when some people I know didn't understand why my Onyxian Whelpling is named Katrana.

My pug is Stillwell Angel...remember that little brat in A League of Their Own? The pug reminds me of him.

I tend to use name from books, television, and movies, and several of those have already been referenced in this thread, but here are some of my favorites I haven't seen yet (and if I missed seeing them, I'm sorry!).

Iorek--Anodized Robo Cub
Koko--Baby Ape
Ten--Bronze Whelpling
Kevin--Darkmoon Hatchling
Eleven--Darkmoon Monkey
Audrey--Doom Bloom
Stark--Frostwolf Ghost Pup
Jeremiah--Gulp Froglet
Bombdy Bomb--Pet Bombling (might be too obscure--from The Stand)
Danny Pink--Pocket Reaver
Ianto--Pterrodax Hatchling
Brittney--Toxic Wasteling

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Sikoya » August 8th, 2015, 7:23 pm

Here are some I haven't seen yet:

- B P the Oily Slimeling
- Electriefied Razortooth -> Blood n' Thunder
- Alpine Foxling -> Fast n' Flurrious
- Hopling -> Hammer Time
- Highlands Skunk -> Chanel No 1
- Gu'chi Swarmling -> Paris
- Tirisfall Battling Edward and Bat Osi
- Vengeful Porcupette -> Edmond
- Macabre Marionette -> Michael Flattley
- Aqua Strider -> Iesus
- Lil' Bling -> Tiffanys Finest
- Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm -> Rorschach
- Fungal Abomination -> Psylo
- I also named my Sporeling Sprout after my father because he likes to go mushrooming
- Forest Sproutling -> Treehugger
- Magical Crawdad -> Red Snapper
- Festival Lantern -> Confusius
- Netherspace Abyssal -> Wusa
- My two Flayer Younglings Freddy and Roose
- also Sen'jin Fetish Jason and Bloodsting Wasp Lisbeth
- The two Mini Jousters Gregor and Loras, Fiendish Imp Tyrion and Bonkers renamed Son of Kong
- Eye of Observation -> Orwell
- Spider Names: apart from Incy, Ser Hiss among others, also Indi and Mamba No 5
- Rabbits: Radagast, T N T, and Graham
- Malazan references: Kalam (Dun Morogh Cub), Iskaral (Crow) and Raraku (Albino Chimaerling)
- Ingame: Darkmoon Tonk Lil Levy, Harbringer of Flame Lil X, Frostwolf Pup Snowsong
- Mechanical Squirrel -> Iron Nutter
- Stitched Pup -> D I Y
- Giant Bone Spider -> Prey for Me
- Blighted Squirrel -> Rotnut
- Rapana Whelk -> Watson
- Infinite Welpling -> Morph
- Creepy Crate -> Luggage
- Parrots: Oslo (Norway didn't work), Daisy, Wumm and R I P
- Coilfang Stalker Silly Walk
- Leopard Tree Frog Crunch
- and all my extras are called Eric

Some German names:
Lumpy "Ein Stein"
Crazy Carrot "Helge"
Frigid Frostling "Petrus" (St Peter)
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti "Vielflieger" (Frequent Flyer)
Darkmoon Rabbit Erdbeermäulchen (strawberry mouth)

P.S Very disappointed I couldn't name my Jade Tentacle Big in Japan

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Tweak » August 11th, 2015, 3:11 pm

These are some of my more genius ones, imo. There are a few more I'm mildly proud of, but these are the better ones...

Creepy Crate - Boxie Brown
Grommloc - Hellsqueak
Legs & Coilfang Stalker - Bend & Snap
Firefly - Serenity
Enchanted Lantern - Hal
Darkmoon Tonk - Nymphadora Tonk

Wild Crimson Hatchling - Sakai
Wild Golden Hatchling - Chen
Wild Jade Hatchling - Morimoto
Soul of Aspects - Chairman Kaga

Landro's Lichling & Lil' KT - Kenan & Kel

Winter's Little Helper & Father Winter's Helper - Peppermint & Spearmint

But my Raptor Hatchlings are my crowning achievement imo. It's not super clever, or cheeky, I'm just extremely proud of how well its continued to work out over the years...

Razzashi Hatchling - Jason
Razormaw Hatchling - Trini
Gundrak Hatchling - Billy
Deviate Hatchling - Kimberly
Leaping Hatchling - Zach
Ravasaur Hatchling - Tommy

Lashtail Hatchling - Rocky
Darting Hatchling - Aisha
Obsidian Hatchling - Adam

Zandalari Toenibbler - Zedd
Zandalari Footslasher - Rita
Zandalari Kneebiter - Squatt
Zandalari Anklerender - Baboo
Cogblade Raptor - Goldar
Fossilized Hatchling - Rito

Even once you get it initially... It still gets better and better as you match each raptor's color to the name.

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Kobble » August 11th, 2015, 4:07 pm

I once battled someone who had a [pet]Bonkers[/pet] named "Furious George"! Had a good laugh over that one.

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Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Tn_baby_38 » May 29th, 2020, 4:23 am

I have a Szechuan Chicken named Take Out. :D


Re: Best / Funniest / Most creative names for pets?

Post by Guest » June 16th, 2020, 9:29 am

my wow pet named devilpig

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