CRZ Darkmoon Rabbit Raid Shenanagins...

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CRZ Darkmoon Rabbit Raid Shenanagins...

Post by Ackbah » July 10th, 2013, 3:02 pm

I was in a Rabbit Run this weekend and right at the end just a tick before the bunny died the group was disbanded. I was able to roll but many were not able to. However when the rabbit went to the "Winner" I did not see the message that tells me what I rolled or what the winer rolled. The leader claimed he did not disband the grp. however everyone had assist for invites. Can someone with raid assist disband the grp?

It started to get real ugly and I bailed. I can't say for sure that someone did something sinister...but it sure felt wrong.

Bad bad crz...even worse bad bad bunnyninjas.

Ack )
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Re: CRZ Darkmoon Rabbit Raid Shennagins...

Post by Azrile » July 10th, 2013, 4:17 pm

I believe the only way you would lose out on your roll is if you were dead and had released just prior to being kicked from the group. It is one of the reasons they prevent you from releasing during real raids and LFR.. because they were never able to fix the problem with people not getting rolls. ( they couldn´t fix the bug, so they prevent you from being in a situation where the bug happens). With world bosses, you can release, and therefore there is the bug.

Also, how was the raid group put together with CRZ. If they used a site like OpenRaid, make sure you leave feedback. The big benefit of those sites is the feedback mechanism can ruin your reputation if you do crap like that.

Also, don´t release on world bosses if it is close to being killed.

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Re: CRZ Darkmoon Rabbit Raid Shenanagins...

Post by Aislinge » July 12th, 2013, 12:12 pm

I have seen this being done before and was *almost* caught out by one. The doofus attempted to do the same thing (he was uninviting people) so we stopped dps-ing, the bunny slaughtered him and we reformed a raid without him.

Technically, regardless of assists, I believe only the Raid Leader has the capacity to 'uninvite' or disband a raid. I am happy to be corrected however.

My recommendations:

Lodge a ticket/complaint. At the very least, he should have said bunny removed from him.
Do not join CRZ pugs for this - stick with your own realm (even if it's more painful).
If you get into a raid and it's set to Master Loot, ask for it to be changed. If they refuse, make it known and bail.
Add those people to ignore so, at the very least, you'll never have to be hit by their scumminess again.

This is a classic reason, amongst many, as to why Darkmoon Island should never have been CRZ'd.

In the end, I got so sick of these raids, I bought my bunny. Yes, the loss of gold was painful. But not having the stress of these kinds of events has been a relief.

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Re: CRZ Darkmoon Rabbit Raid Shenanagins...

Post by Drudatz » July 12th, 2013, 4:16 pm

Or do it with Openraid people as you can rate them.

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