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Guardling Spawn Times

Posted: June 24th, 2013, 12:43 pm
by Ravnhawk
Hi All any idea the times the Guardling will spawn? I am having no luck even seeing them Spawn. I am looking on 4 servers. Steamwheedle Cartel - Stormrage - Zul-Jin and Amun'thal (sp) which is a Oceanic server.

Haven't seen a 1 spawn since that first night. Any server times would rock to help me narrow down a window. I've been parked on SWC for hours being the only one there with no spawns after a 4 hour 30 min wait. I've also search different forums but other then "long respawn timer" I'm not finding stuff.

If any one sees one feel free to btag invite for crz. Thanks