Crow + Gilnean Raven breed tossup

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Crow + Gilnean Raven breed tossup

Post by Lolfixheal » June 17th, 2013, 1:05 pm


I'm going to run 1 pet of each only setup in my journal in the future so ideally I want the best breed for each pet but also a variety across the journal with pets with the same moveset. The breeds are the same for the Crow and Raven, only really good breeds would be the PS and SS ones.

So I was thinking one of each, so I could always take a speedy pet when I wanted and a hardhitting one when times demanded it. The moveset is almost identical on both of them, Crow has Murder which would benefit most from PS>SS I'd say? The Raven has Nevermore which would be ideal in PvP should you choose this move and block an enemys combo, say Kun Lai Runts Frost Shock which is always the opener. For Nevermore a SS>PS breed would be ideal I'm thinking. Are people even using Nevermore btw or simply the Nocturnal Strike + Darkness combo.

These pets are not the easiest just to get, in the right breed and then to stone them too, so I want to do it right. Im leaning towards Raven as the SS and the Crow PS. What are your thoughts guys and gals?

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