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Noob Help

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Noob Help

Postby Hautecouture » May 27th, 2013, 1:32 pm

Some noob questions if anyone can help:

I don't understand raiding, and it seems like a lot of cool pets are acquired that way. How do I get involved with a raid? I am in a guild with one or two of my alts.

How does the matchmaking work?
I often face the same guy several times in a row- and sometimes I am bringing all level 11's and my opponent will continually bring 2 13's and a 12- usually making short work of me.

In many of these battles:

I had Lil Ragnarok, Soul of Aspects and a Death Talon Welpguard (all at 11, all rare)
The bully had a Death Talon Welpguard at 12, A Father Winters Helper at 12 (uncommon) and Fel Flame at 12 (Uncommon)

I just got absolutely owned over and over again, and couldn't get a new matchup for a while.

Most of the time it seemed like he was getting 3 shots to ever 1 of mine. Where I'd been dominating with Lil Ragnorok, he seemed to have little effect on these char's and before I would take my first shot I was down half my health. Is there an obvious reason for the blow-outs here? I beat him once out of 5 matchups, and it was due to a rare Miss combined with not being stunned every turn!

Thanks if anyone can address any of these.

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Re: Noob Help

Postby Dakaf » May 27th, 2013, 1:54 pm

As far as the PvP goes, your best way would be to just wait until you're up to 25. Get three pets there then you'll fare a lot better!

Raiding can be done the same as dungeons. Just level up to 90, get good enough gear to get into it, then select raid from the LFG menu (default is "i") instead of dungeon. You'll get there, don't worry!

In terms of your battles, it's possible that he was using an attack that your pet was particularly weak to. Also, rares are MUCH better in PvP. I personally leveled up to 25 using tamers and wild battles. That way, you get more captures, more rares, and a chance at the battlestones. Plus, once you get two pets to 25, raising others becomes A LOT easier!

Good luck!
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Re: Noob Help

Postby Tiggindy » May 28th, 2013, 3:09 pm

Hautecouture wrote:I don't understand raiding, and it seems like a lot of cool pets are acquired that way. How do I get involved with a raid? I am in a guild with one or two of my alts.

If your guild raids, then you should be all set. Get to 90 and get your gear up to the required ilvl, and go with them. They'll provide you details.

If, like me, your guild has only gotten smaller over time, then you're looking at doing LFR. You queue for that the same way you'd do it for a scenario or dungeon.

However, for that not only do you need to have the required ilvl, but it's like a dungeon PuG in that no one talks. You're expected to know what to do for your role. Sites like Wowhead are good for this if you can learn from a written example, or most boss fights can be viewed on youtube. Either way, despite what you've read/seen, you'll still need a time or two actually playing it to fully understand.

How does the matchmaking work?

I'm not sure, but I suspect it just matches you with whoever is available in your level range at the time. If you queue as soon as you get out, and there's not many peeps in your bracket, then you'll see the same person. If you wait a minute or two and there's other peeps available, you'll see different teams.

Most of the time it seemed like he was getting 3 shots to ever 1 of mine.

That might be an effect of what moves he's using. If he's using attacks that do interrupts, like horn attack, then he may very well be getting more shots in than you. Stuns, or other things may also play havoc with your turns.

While you never know what you'll actually be facing, you will tend to see a lot of similar team make ups. Like I see a LOT of peeps with the Kun-Lai Runt. So I use a pet with undead attacks.

If you're seeing the same team over and over, then take a moment and make a counter to them. If they've got elemental, then throw in an aquatic, or a critter with an aquatic attack. As you do more fights you'll get a better idea of the kinds of things others are doing, and you can learn from your enemies how to defeat them.

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