Banana hippo and tuskarr Ratings unfair??

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Banana hippo and tuskarr Ratings unfair??

Post by Moneypenny » May 10th, 2013, 12:47 am

I have to say this after seeing a few threads all to do with the same three characters Banana's Hippo hatchling and the Tuskarr Kite..
I am not sure where the whole pretense has come about that banana's and hippo are basically worth nothing to tuskarr and in fact to other tcg card; it like they are a factor on there own and the lowest of the low and not worth even a glimpse at for a trade to some and really is quite hurtful to some when it costs them the same whether in game or out (if you buy gold to) or with real cash.

The market for banana's used to be fine but it like he is now nothing but a piece of dirt and not even worth a trade and hippo is going there to, personally i feel that it is down to the person to be happy with their trade but i think it come to a point when even trader are putting the value of this pet/card down so much it like going are you kidding me.

I have known people to swop a dragon kite for a tuskarr as what they thought was a fair trade, whether we will get one on blk market who knows i have seen all sorts of crazy stuff on there i didn't even know existed.

please have respect that are after the card and trying to swop banana and choose to decide to swop it for a tuskar, a hippo or banana's and imo are a good fair trade... my server prices area crazy on pets all are different..
i know alot of you may not agree some will but i needed to say something on it and no offence is meant.]Image

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Re: Banana hippo and tuskarr Ratings unfair??

Post by Peanutty » May 10th, 2013, 1:44 am

But the reality is that the Tuskarr Kite does sell for more than Bananas or Hippo Hatch on many realms. The reasons being it is a unique model (Bananas is the same as a baby ape, Hippo Hatch is the same as the Bliz store hatchling) and because it cannot be bought on BMAH, whereas the other two can. So the original cash cost of the cards isn't really taken into consideration with Tuskarr versus Bananas, for example.

That said, it really is up to the people trading to decide what something is worth. As long as both people swapping are happy with what they're getting then it's a fair trade, even if someone else looks at the deal and says they wouldn't do it.

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