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My Collection (When-How)

Share pet collecting news and advice.
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My Collection (When-How)

Postby LGH » December 5th, 2011, 2:05 am

When and how Did you start your collection :?:


If i recall been so long i started mine; after starting to accumulate about 10 from quests and just seeing them about, picking them up not entirely collecting them. Since I wasn't planning on collecting mounts at the time i figured collecting companion pets would be easier as a side thing to do. My collection has grown since then, I have also started a small mount collection as well. :ugeek:

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Doobjanka » December 5th, 2011, 2:46 am

I became friends with a Warrior near the end of Vanilla, and he always talked about the Disgusting Oozeling and I found it on the AH for 2g so I bought it to show off. Something just clicked and I started collecting ones I really liked. Didn't really start fanatically until the pet tab was announced.
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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Gwen » December 5th, 2011, 3:02 am

I didn't really start until the pet tab was introduced, because I'm such a pack rat, I didn't have the space for them. I even deleted the original Clockwork Rocket Bot because of space. (I was able to have it restored afterwards though thankfully.)

What really had me going was a competition with a guildie of mine. We were trying to get 50 pets first, she even won. That was in the very beginning of Wrath and it has escalated ever since.
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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Alaylith » December 5th, 2011, 10:57 am

I started collecting shortly after the pets were first introduced. :)

I was still a noob; my first character was around lvl 17 (maybe 1-2 months playing?) and I've got no further than Aubergine - but it was my intention to look for a pet as soon as possible, after learning a bit more about the game, where to even get a pet and after getting more money.

Then one day I opened my mail and there was a small cat carrier waiting for me; my father asked a friend to look for a cat in the auction house and he bought one for over 5g (he was pretty mad when I told him that they originally aren't that expensive - 5g was a lot of money back then XD) and sent it to me.

I was soooo happy about this cute little kitten and as soon as I reached Stormwind my first task was to go to the crazy cat lady and I bought all the other cats. ^.^

And my love for these little creatures is still as strong as back then; even after almost 7 years. :D

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Thehermit » December 5th, 2011, 6:08 pm

I started collecting when the game first launched. Since there weren't many mounts and good gear that looked decent was almost non existant it was probably just the easiest thing. I used to have the entire normal bank plus at least one bottomless bag filled with pets.

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Cassidhe » December 5th, 2011, 10:49 pm

I've been playing since vanilla but I never cared about pets until after the pet tab was announced. I don't do a lot of end game stuff, so collecting pets gives me something to focus on that I can actually complete without being yelled at. :)

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Vephriel » December 6th, 2011, 2:43 am

I think I was intrigued by the idea of collecting minipets, but I didn't seriously make it a hobby until WotLK came out and we got achievements. Having that concrete proof is a nice motivator I guess, and it definitely spurned me to start collecting.

My whole love for minipets definitely started with the Dark Whelpling though, it was the first pet I wanted and it took me years of farming until it finally dropped. I started out only collecting minipets that I liked, but after achievements were introduced I just wanted to get every single one. :D

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Jadax » December 6th, 2011, 9:19 am

I was busting through the wetlands, looking at what I was killing, and their loot tables. I discovered that this magic medallion thing would let me find these bag things, and these bag things might contain this ooze thing that would follow me around?!

My first real pet was thus the Disgusting Oozeling. I spent a full weekend farming that thing.
Not even at max level xD

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Velgana » December 6th, 2011, 12:54 pm

I believe I had collected a few mini pets while questing here and there. It wasn't until I was level 70 and either fishing or just doing extra quests in Azshara that my pet addiction started. My friend at the time had been farming for the Azure Whelpling, so while I was on my way to where I needed to be, I killed a few mobs and it dropped for me. That's what triggered my collecting. Little did I know not all drops would be that easy. :)

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby NoxCrucifix » December 6th, 2011, 1:27 pm

I don't really remember how or when I first started collecting; it's been so long! I didn't care about pets at all until the Burning Crusade, when I started picking them up on my hunter because it just seemed appropriate for a hunter to collect pets. I continued snatching up pets on her until the end of Wrath, at which point I mostly stopped playing her. My druid is my main, and while I had a number of pets on him, his collection was pretty pathetic. I put it off for a long time, not wanting to go through all that effort all over again, but I finally decided that I really wanted some of the cool and rare pets on my main instead of my neglected hunter...and there we go. I started seriously collecting on my main about 6 months ago or so.

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Amayalou » December 6th, 2011, 4:18 pm

They are just so darn cute! :) hehe and I love how some interact with each other. Plus its like a hobby for me :) My hubby and I like to make a game out of it who has more pets :) Every since he got me into the game back in 2009 I have been into getting all the little guys :)

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Domie » December 6th, 2011, 4:40 pm

I started my druid back in tbc, and i think i saved all the pets i came across, i wanted to collect all, but i kinda realised that my backspace wouldnt really support that :P
But then when the update with the pet tab came out i hurried out to get as many as i could, and since that pet collecting have been my top priority together with mounts. when new expansion comes i look what new pets i can get, and not what new epics and instances i can explore :P

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Jorth » December 6th, 2011, 9:24 pm

I didn't really care for companions until i ranked up enough and got Mr.Chilly from the merge... after that I started to collect more and more and when I got Stinker... then I went out of my way to gather companions in-game. I do anything to get companions really... except pay money for them, when I have enough money I will but for now, nah. (Luckily my step-dad cancelled his WoW Magazine subscription and didn't want the free companions so he gave them to me :D :D )!

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Ryshat » December 7th, 2011, 7:27 pm

I was in the beta, back in 2004 (2005?) and knew it was the game for me. I pre-ordered my collectors edition and chose my panda pet and have been collecting ever since. My only two pet regrets are not paying $200 to a friend for a Murky card after Blizzcon and taking one month off of playing, since that is when the Spirit of Competition was being awarded. And I was in the middle of running BGs constantly to get my Stormpike Ram to boot!

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Tiggindy » December 7th, 2011, 8:27 pm

I got my first pet the day I started WoW. :D

Here's the abbreviated story:
I came to WoW late January or early February after release to join some friends from EQ. Once I got past the newbie area, and got to a mailbox, I collected the (AMAZING!) 5g that I was sent by one of the friends. Then the friend's wife showed me around IF, and took me on the train (while demonstrating the adorable /train command). In showing me around, I started fishing and cooking. Then she took me over to the cat lady, where I bought my first pet (the Bombay), and that was just too great!

I didn't have enough bag space to buy them all, so I contented myself with the one to start. :(

Soon after that I saw the panda cub, and was disappointed to learn that I could only get that cutie by having the collector's edition and I was devastated. However, I'd already been spending a lot of time on Allakhazam's site looking things up (to get info on how I could get a kitty mount, but that's a different story), so I looked up pets too. I ran across mention of the crimson whelpling, and started my quest for that. I slaughtered them by the hundreds from level 23 to 30 until I finally got my chubby-cute baby dragon. Then I thought to myself... I like green better than red, so I went and started camping the emerald whelpling. Which carried me to level 41, where I thought, I might as well get the dark one, and got that one 4 kills after getting the emerald. I leveled, and knowing I had limited space, avoided the storebought pets (mostly), and collected what I could of the rest of the pets. Any time we wiped in a raid, I would change up the color whelpling I had out (since obviously it was the wrong color for the encounter).

When I started my hunter alt I didn't want to be without a whelpling, so I camped the crimson (to match her hair), but decided I really did like green best, and then since I had two, I may as well get the third... This carried over to every alt I made.

By the time vanilla ended, I had 10 alliance toons on 2 accounts, each with all 3 whelplings, plus an assortment of other pets (each toon had 1 pack devoted to just pets for everyday, plus bunches more in the bank), I also had a set of whelplings waiting for the new draenei I was going to make when BC was released.

The announcement of the pet tab at the end of BC sent me into a frenzy, I went around and made sure I had all the vendor pets, plus as many other pets as I could make or otherwise lay my hands on for each and every toon on both accounts, at which point I created a spreadsheet to keep track of which toons had which pets and so on. :oops:

At some point, I did purchase the WoW laptop (approximately 1 or 2 days after they'd been discontinued), so I got my original CE pets that way, and gave the BC CE code to a friend.

At the moment, I have 2112 pets spread across my 18 toons (that's an average of over 117 per toon).

However, due to a variety of factors combined with the announcement of pets going account wide for MoP, I'm reigning in my enthusiasm (with difficulty) and just making sure I have as many pets as possible on each of the WoW accounts.

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Opallena » December 8th, 2011, 11:17 am

At first i was only interested in mounts; i started about a a year before wrath launched, but even when it did I focused on Mounts and let my sister have the pets. When her collection started growing I became more interested as cooler pets became availiable to me, and i took on pet collecting. My sister is currently sitting around 105 pets and still collecting while my collection has reached 161 pets and still growing.

I do still mount collect (132 and counting), but those have been getting harder to obtain since what i have left is etiher Holiday, dungeon/raid achievments, or rare drop in Raids.

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Maleika » February 16th, 2012, 10:21 pm

Ok, where to start.

Ive been an animal collector all my life. At present I have 3 cats (2 of which are rescues), 3 miniature horses (although they live at my moms in a herd of 21!) and I have 3 fish tanks going. Ive had horses all my life, always had a dog or two growing up (my moms) and around 4-6 cats (between all family members) at all times growing up. Even had a pair of leopard geckos for 10yrs. O.o

I started playing WoW well in WotLK, sometime in April 2009. My first pet was the Cobra Hatchling that my best friend had given me after I freaked out seeing someone gain the "Can I Keep Him" achieve. I was all, "I WANT TO KEEP HIM!!" And less then a month into playing WoW a crazy pet collector was born. Second pet was a Mechanical Squirel that was given to me by my bf at the time. I now have a healthy collection of 170 on my main Alexstraza toon. Not a bad collection considering how many "freebies" Ive missed over the years.

My only regret...not playing right from vanilla. Ive missed so many pets from CE's, anniversaries, promos... What I would give for a Mr.Chilly or a Panda Cub... Damn my "I will not play a game that cost me money monthly" mentality. Now I play WoW and SWToR >.<

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Re: My Collection (When-How)

Postby Lysi » February 21st, 2012, 2:40 pm

I started playing WoW shortly after BC. I'd never played a game anything like WoW before. I don't know exactly how I came to find this website, but I was overjoyed since I love virtual pet games and loved the idea of having a pet in WoW. So when I made a character they picked out one first favorite pet, the first of all being the snowshoe bunny on my first toon, a dwarf pally. Some of them might have had a few other pets, but not many. Back then, before the pets became spells, pets weren't really that common. A stranger who had been playing almost a year asked me, a noob, where to get a bunny--the whole idea seemed new to her. I ended up joining her guild for a while. And someone else saw Lysi's first cat, the Siamese, and thought it was so fun he tried to give her a random piece of green armor (but it was mail and Lysi is a rogue). I kept track of that player, he now sells a ton of raptor hatchlings on the AH. I guess the pet made an impression, LOL.

Anyhoo, as I got into WoW, I made more classes and races. I started selling pets and recipes on the neutral AH to make gold. I heard Lich King was going to change pets to spells, so exciting! I even stocked up on some extra pets, so I'd have them to sell as soon as it hit. But I couldn't sell any of them because of a bug (or working as intended?) that made all unused pets you had in inventory at launch say "used charges" and you couldn't sell any of them, so I put those in the guild vault for friends to use. I did make a lot of gold selling pets right after Lich King, though, payed for my pally to change to jewelcrafting and level it, among other things. Lysi was my Booty Bay banker so she just nabbed up all kinds of stuff and became my collector, including a Hyacinth for 500 gold I found on the neutral AH at 4:00 am. :D

Even though it's cool that I now get a dozen pets in the mail any time I make a new character, in a way I miss picking out that one first special pet for a new toon.
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