Question about realm scores.

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Question about realm scores.

Post by Moused » August 21st, 2021, 2:43 am

How can I have a higher score for my realm when I have two less pets then the person below me? Is it based off types of special pets?

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Re: Question about realm scores.

Post by Quintessence » August 21st, 2021, 6:33 am

Check out how the WarcraftPets PetScore is calculated:

Your "Average Pet Level" is 25, while the other player only has an Average Pet Level of 23.8. The levels may not be worth as much score as collecting each pet, but levels do add up.

Additionally, the quality of your pets impacts your score as well. All of your pets have been upgraded to rare, while the other player has a handful of uncommon and a couple of common quality pets. Rare is worth more points than uncommon and common.

In this particular case, both the levels and pet quality give you a boost in PetScore even though you're missing 2 pets.
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