Anyone notice difficulty in getting Rare spawns

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Re: Anyone notice difficulty in getting Rare spawns

Post by Luckyrabbit1982 » December 30th, 2012, 2:10 pm

Graven wrote:I'm inclined to believe it's just the RNG and the psychological effect of the patch, since the pets that people are having trouble with seem to differ from person to person. For example, I myself have found some of the new 5.1 additions in rare quality without too much trouble (Harpy Youngling, Fluxfire Feline, Arcane Eye) which many people seem to have been having problems with, and yet of course I have other pets which are stubborn for me that others may have found more easily.
yes, but difficulty of rare pet spawns differing from person to person is indicative of a percentage nerf to rare rates across the board.

I just spent a few hours clearing Duskwood in circles yesterday. I am looking for a rare rat snake. I engaged ever pet marker on the board. I don't even want to know how many engagements that is, but considering the spawn of general pets in the area is pretty fast and you can get to them fairly easily with loops. 3 or so hours of engaging, estimate about 30-45 sec to engage, flee and get to the next... that is a a lot of engagements. There were maybe 15 rares of anything in that entire time.

That is just an example. I did the same with arathi, and have since the patch done a number of other zones the same way. I did this when MoP release in a haphazard trying to just get a copy of each pet, preferably in at least uncommon. I had a pretty high percentage overall of rares, and without much time spent in farming. I am now clearing entire zones and not seeing the same rate of rares as previously.

5.1 pets are a matter of how populated your CRZ grouping is with pet collectors and if you can get there at good times for respawn rates. I couldn't farm the 5.1 pets on my main server, but my secondary server is way less populated, so it hasn't been a nightmare to get those rares. Merely a matter of logging in to a camped character and clearing the lot of them multiple times.

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Re: Anyone notice difficulty in getting Rare spawns

Post by Safina » December 31st, 2012, 2:55 pm

yeah I'm having a REALLY hard time finding a rare giraffe calf... I've been going there twice a day every day on three characters and STILL no rare.... for about three weeks now.... getting very frustrating T.T it's the only one in all of kalimdor and eastern kingdoms that I am missing ><.

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Re: Anyone notice difficulty in getting Rare spawns

Post by Nineof12 » January 8th, 2013, 8:17 am

I was in Twilight Highlands collecting and having a lot of trouble with the spiders, they all phase out as soon as I get almost close enough to engage battle! Argh. I'm thinking this is also what is happening with the giraffe calves, I can only see them when flying over...they're gone when I land.
Now I'm in The Master's Cellar and there are no shadelings :( I logged in early especially...I hope it's not the same problem because I'll never be able to get it in that case.
The good news is I didn't even KNOW about the Wildhammer Gryphon and there were a lot of them in twilight last night. I've wanted one since doing that grind, way b4 PB :)

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Re: Anyone notice difficulty in getting Rare spawns

Post by Gromagrim » January 8th, 2013, 9:38 am

The 'flying over' thing you're describing is due to Cross-Realm Zones.

While you fly over, you're seeing the untouched, anaccesible version of your home server, but when you land, you get automatically ported to the cross-realm server, which will be highly farmed, therefore it's rare to get the pets.

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