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Easier way to see missing pet skins

Posted: July 16th, 2019, 4:08 pm
by Ricknar
Was curious if anyone knew of a simple way to track pet alternate skins. As it is right now, its seems like a lot of effort to click on a wild pet to start the fight and then open up the pet tab to check to see if any of the wild pets are new skins or the same. I was surprised to find out the malfunctioning microbot on Mechagon island has not just three skins but three different models. Which made me wonder what else I might have missed collecting wilds pets for this patch.

So if anyone has any suggestions, addons, or other easier methods for tracking wild pet alternative skins, I’d love to hear them.

Re: Easier way to see missing pet skins

Posted: July 19th, 2019, 3:59 pm
by Vephriel
It's not the most concise way, but there's a macro you can use that will display all possible skins of a mob in-game in a dressing room window. You have to spam the macro a bit because it's random which skin it will display in the preview window, but it should give you a fairly good idea of how many different ones there are after a few clicks.
/run local npcid = tonumber(strmatch(UnitGUID("target"),"-(%d*)-%x*$")) print("Target NPC Family: ", UnitCreatureFamily("target"), " ID: ", npcid) ShowUIPanel(DressUpFrame) DressUpModel:SetCreature(npcid)
The caveat of this is you need to be able to target the pet first in order for it to work, so you need to own it yourself or be able to target it in the wild.

Re: Easier way to see missing pet skins

Posted: July 26th, 2019, 12:22 pm
by Ricknar
This worked out great, thank you so much for posting it. The fact that it also shows the pets in the dressing room and at a much bigger size makes it much easier to see how the skins are different.