Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

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Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by FuxieDK » December 24th, 2018, 7:29 am

...........cause another problem: Severe lack of gear.

How do you make up for it, that no gear drops and mobs scale reverse of level, i.e. the higher level you are, th eharder the mob, but the worse gear you have, resulting in MY blood is being spilt, not the mobs..

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Uduwudu » December 24th, 2018, 8:25 am


Strange ... I have never used any of the Expeditions for leveling ... will have to try it. In general, I got really tired of these in the early days, as they offered nothing for a 120, that I could use.

Will have to try this ... have two of them coming up, one 112 and the other 114 already! I had been trying to do it in one area ... for example, the Alliance character does just about everything on Stormsong, and that Horde character is cleaning up Zuldazar.
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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Quintessence » December 24th, 2018, 1:46 pm

What I've been doing is leveling in Island Expeditions until 116 (when the legendaries that I have equipped stop working), and then either doing some quests or looting treasures/killing rares (out in the world, not in IEs) for gear drops, before heading back into IEs. If you have professions that can craft a few gear pieces, that helps too. Some prefer to run normal dungeons along with Island Expeditions, just so they don't fall too far behind on gear.
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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Tekulve2018 » December 24th, 2018, 4:09 pm

I leveled 3 toons from 110 to 120 with island exp.

The normal runs are short and you still often get 120s partnered up with you, which make it a breeze. Perhaps 1/10 are a pain.
If your partners want to pull the full island (some think they are dps Gods) let them and jump in to finish it.
Your approach might be class dependent.

I had my alts geared to warfront ready within a day or 2 with WQs, cheap gear and World boss help
You also get your first azerite lvls 16 to 20ish despite just doing islands

It takes 60 to 70 min. per toon lvl which is pretty good

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Sile9 » December 24th, 2018, 11:07 pm

Look to the world raids to help you out.

Join rare hunts on the Arathi and Darkshore warfronts and simply follow the group around tagging the mobs while hanging back and dodging fire on the ground. You'd honestly be doing people a favor since half the group will often nuke down a rare before the other half can even get to it. A full round should net you at least two 340 pieces each.

Complete a few of the warfront quests by following other people around as they pull mobs. One quest in Arathi will award a piece of gear while the others will award War Resources which you can use to buy a seal for a second roll on the warfront raid boss. Don't forget about doing the regular world boss as well.

Complete the PvP quest "Against Overwhelming Odds" for a 370 piece by finding a group to gank with (can't be done while in a raid) ideally in a zone that happens to be the Call to Arms so you can get a strongbox from that quest as well. My 120 monk fresh out of IEs was lucky enough to come across a raid camping the flight master by an invasion. I did my civic duty by blocking runners with Ring of Peace and even managed to get the Horde Slayer title right before a counter raid showed up and an orc warrior gently nudged me with his axe.

If you've done BFA archaeology, don't forget about those two BoA 300 trinkets. They're awful, but they boost ilevel which will boost the ilevel of WQ rewards.

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Koleckai » December 25th, 2018, 12:34 am

As of 8.1, each crafting profession can make a series of 340 gear that is fairly cheap to produce. That can help get the ilevel up on alts.

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Beanie » December 26th, 2018, 7:57 am

No one has mentioned it yet but you do NOT need to equip gear to get to the magic 320 for Warfronts you only need it in your bag, I have a few pieces I have lent out to guild members to boost ilvl of alts.

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Noel » February 26th, 2019, 4:21 pm

I don't recommend levelling in IE's the gear deficit is painful.

I have one of everything at 120 all levelled 100% in IE's. They have an average of about 270ish ILvl (this is after quite a lot of PVP which I spam to get honor level 400). I get the odd drop from PVP. Drop rate is VERY low though so you must be quite patient!

I know I could go do world quests but I have a problem, killing a single mob my own level is kind of hard lol so I am waiting to be able to kill a 120 trash mob. If a 2nd (or more) join in I'm screwed, especially on my healers.

BfA is pretty sucky for me so far, makes me dread logging in (and for some reason I still pay to subscribe). I'm hoping for a catchup mechanism before the next expansion.

I do have a main on each faction, that are doing all the rep, quests, etc (all for pets of course!) but alts well it was a mistake.

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Dalandius » February 26th, 2019, 9:37 pm

A few things you may want to try:

Queue for some normal dungeons.
Look for world quests that give gear but do not require you to kill things or group ones.
If it a time walking week the first one of them gives you a quest which rewards 500 badges which will let you buy quite a few items from the vendor.
Once you hit 305 do some heroic dungeons.
Then once you get over 320 you can do the warfront
Doing that should make you a lot tougher. It is how I geared some of mine I leveled via IE.

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Re: Levelling alt via IE for pets.....

Post by Nagini » February 27th, 2019, 4:09 am

Hitting 120, most of my toons have a set waiting on them of 266+ greens, crafteds' (cheap from AH or made for profession leveling) and 320 ilvl island mog I still need to get the appearance of anyway. Timewalking is great for decking out leveling alts; 345+ pieces on the vendor, with 365+ dropping in the dungeons. A single dungeon gets you a 500 TW badges token, which will pay for a full set of whatever slots are on sale. The raids are trickier, but can be rewarding. After that, warfront rares, world bosses, weekly (warfront) quests and the odd WQ to fill out a slot you're getting unlucky on will do the rest. I think its fine once they're 340+, I'm not trying to raid Heroic on my profession alts.

Other than the occasional random drop or crafted piece you have lying around, I would not recommend gearing mid-islands. 115-120 can indeed suck, but you're speeding through levels at such a rate that the cost and time it would take are better spend just getting to 120. You might get some terrible 30min islands and you'll die a ton but it doesn't matter in the long run. Often, if I get paired with a geared tanks/dps, I just ask if they're doing more islands. Most just want to cap their Azerite and get it done with, and they don't mind you tagging along for a few 4-6 minute islands.

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