Rock Lover Achieve -- Pebble issue

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Rock Lover Achieve -- Pebble issue

Post by Netherwyn » December 17th, 2018, 6:09 am

Hi All,

I've posted this to the bug forum on the WOW boards, but thought I would ask you as well. I've done Lost in the Deeps four times since last Saturday week, (finally getting off my lazy butt to get Pebble). I did it twice before 8.1 and twice after. (Incidentally, I think they've increased the occurrence of this quest.) Anyway, I've only gotten credit for Rock Lover twice. I should be 4/10, not 2/10.

I put in a ticket and Blizz said they couldn't give me direct credit but I should submit a bug report, check wowhead for posts, was I doing it wrong, etc. Any of you having this trouble? If Blizz can't check my records or whatever, and see that I did the quests; if they aren't going towards the achievement there's no sense doing them... but if I never do them then there's absolutely no chance of getting the pet.

To say I hate wasting my time is an understatement. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. :lol: :x :?

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