Changed Emperor Crab creeps me out

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Changed Emperor Crab creeps me out

Post by Gráinne » August 30th, 2018, 7:38 am

Ever since I captured my first back in Mists, the Emperor Crab has been one of my favourite reliable stalwarts. It helped me with the initial tamers, it helped me through the Celestial Tournament, it has been my default starter on my Taming Team ever since, and it was an anchor during the reign of Graves and the Evul Undead in WoD PvP.

I love the Emeror Crab.

But I was out capturing last night, and I actually removed the crab from my taming team as I wandered around. I can't stand to look at the icon. I can't stand to look at the model. It could have come from a '70s or '80s horror film.

It now creeps me out.

Does anyone else have a similar reaction?

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