Ideas for allied races' pets

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Ideas for allied races' pets

Post by Paladance » February 27th, 2018, 7:48 am

Characters of main races have a pet assigned to them* (e.g. goblins -- Shore Crawler), which they can adopt at Burnhep/Varzok or starting zone trainer.
While AR don't have a regular starting zone, they should have been able to learn them by other means, right?
Maybe they will in 8.0, maybe not -- what would you like to see? :)

I will not stop wishing for [url=]these[/url] for Nightborne and lil' Warframe/ship for Lightforged. I'm not aiming for everything unique though and for example I can see velves get another dragonhawk or something closer to voidwalker than Lesser Voidcaller/Servant of Demidos/Void Shardling. Maybe Dark Iron could get that Chroma Whelp this way? ;)

*Oddly enough, orcs and trolls, aswell as gnomes and dwarves share a single pet, perhaps because of a shared starting zone. Let it not be discouraging though. Maybe they should give them two new pets aswell… ^^

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