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Cross Gazer

Post by Finnelis » September 15th, 2017, 10:27 am

If you haven't yet acquired this pet I wanted to share a little bit of advice on farming it. Looking at the requirements on WoWhead it seemed pretty bad (you need to farm 1000 'Intact demon eyes'), however, don't be intimidated, it's really not so bad. It took me under 2 hours (with small breaks) to get him.

You can get the necessary buff from the small cave you find Orix the All-Seer in (/way Antoran Wastes 59.5 45 Orix below bridge near fel lava). I then recommend farming (as a group, ideally 1 tank 4 dps) in the 'Pits of Punishments' just east of the bridge. The small Wyrmtong Scourgers die fast and repop fast as well making for fast and easy farming.

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