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Reminder: You can convert gold to BNet Balance

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Reminder: You can convert gold to BNet Balance

Postby Auryona » September 12th, 2017, 3:34 pm

Have gold? Want Blizzard Store Mounts/Pets?

With the newest Digital Store release, Shadow, here's a friendly reminder that you can convert your gold into BNet Balance* in a safe, official, and completely supported in-game manner through WoW Tokens!

You can purchase a WoW Token in-game through the Auction House and depending on your region and currency settings, convert it into:

NA: 15 USD or 17 AUD
EU: 12.99 EUR or 9.99 GBP

*BNet Balance is not yet available for China, Korea, or Taiwan regions.

How much gold does a WoW token cost? can tell you the current value for all regions and tracks price history. The price of a WoW Token is the same for ALL REALMS in your region. It does not matter what realm you play on, it's the same price for all realms.

How do I convert it into BNet balance?

Once you purchase a WoW token from the AH, it will be sent to you through the mail. Once it's in your bags, right-click on it and you will be presented with the option to convert it into BNet Balance or 1 month of game time.

Can I gift a token or resell it later?

No. Tokens are non-transferable. You can buy a token from the AH with gold and use it, or buy a token from the in-game Shop with real $ and sell it on the AH.

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