Missing RWLV idle animations/interactions

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Missing RWLV idle animations/interactions

Post by Quintessence » September 11th, 2017, 2:24 pm

The RWL pets are known for having fun/unique idle animations or interactions, however some of the latest RWLV don't seem to "do" anything when idling about. It could be that I've simple missed it or didn't stand around long enough.

If you notice any of the following pets interacting with players/the environment or if they have a special idle animation, please post in this thread or a comment on the pet's profile page.
  • [pet]Cinderweb Recluse[/pet]
  • [pet]Corrupted Blood[/pet]
  • [pet]Drafty[/pet]
  • [pet]Unstable Tendril[/pet]
  • [pet]Zephyrian Prince[/pet]
Be sure to check out the animations/interactions of the rest of the RWLV collection. The [pet]Amalgam of Destruction[/pet] is especially... destructive (but only when around other critters ;)).
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