(SPOILER) Comfort Uuna!

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(SPOILER) Comfort Uuna!

Post by Paladance » August 29th, 2017, 1:29 am

A Thaddius 2.0 mob with a bit of GoT vibe has devoured many lives but we can interact with at least one of them.


We can slay the foe and release her from its hideous flesh but she is still lost on her way to the Light.

Please, let's take care of her. We can't just overwhelm her with sweetness but I bet she will be happy to see that Argus is not abandoned. That Burning Legion will NOT conquer all. That there are heroes and mercenaries who struggle every day to preserve everything that is nice and worthy. That the people of other worlds such as Draenor and Azeroth aren't indifferent, even though they could in the dark past have deemed the draenei a sign of bad news ???.

[url=http://wowhead.com/guide=2409]Bring some dusty toys[/url] that you attempt to use while waiting for people in pugs. Maybe not that one with Archimonde, okay? Unless you explain his pride and arrogance have brought him nothing. A star chart would be nice. Or shiny hands x2. Some mundane trains or shy wind chimes. It is you who has everything in control.

NO Fel/void treats, please. But next Children's Week is going to be interesting. It was already awkward in WoD.

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