Golden rabbit! golden? rabbit?

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Golden rabbit! golden? rabbit?

Post by Dreamshadow » December 31st, 2016, 3:10 am

Golden rabbit? Yes!
Pay attention, it isn't the bugged [pet]Mountain Cottontail[/pet]. It is a [pet]Rabbit[/pet]~
You can find a rabbit with golden skin in Highmountain.(56.6 60.6, near the enterance to the watchtower.)
These rabbits may appear in various skins, including golden.
So, want a golden rabbit? Welcome to Highmountain.
WoWScrnShot_123116_150706.jpg (44.41KiB)Viewed 2725 times

Illusion? Yes and no!
They are rabbits! Yes!
They are golden rabbits! Yes!
May I have a golden rabbit pet? No...Not this time......

Here are some links to Wowhead:
Rabbits in Highmountain(Golden rabbits) = Rabbit
Common rabbits = Rabbit
Battle Pet : Rabbit= Rabbit

In fact, they are two different creatures.
Ok, save your time and enjoy the coming new year~
Best regards from China~
(BTW, BLZ, I do want to have a true golden rabbit!)

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Re: Golden rabbit! golden? rabbit?

Post by Quintessence » December 31st, 2016, 10:54 am

There are some golden-skinned ones just outside the Druid Order Hall portal too. It's a shame that these golden rabbits aren't flagged as battle pets - I'd definitely collect one! :3
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