Happy Winter Veil!

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Happy Winter Veil!

Post by Paladance » December 16th, 2016, 2:29 pm

Good luck in getting all missing pets and other items being looked forward aswell as selling all these small eggs looted during the year! :)

The Greench daily still has the old level cap, so what's up about all that mob scaling… on PvP servers, it used to be the least problem. :evil:
Daily access… in the Khadgaran (this expansion Dalaran), here's a portal to Dalaran crater for everyone. Watch out the falling damage, tho!

A quick (nice joke) reminder:

[pet]Clockwork Rocket Bot[/pet], [pet]Lumpy[/pet] and [pet]Rotten Little Helper[/pet] are rare drops from the Greench daily reward.

[pet]Winter's Little Helper[/pet], [pet]Father Winter's Helper[/pet], [pet]Tiny Snowman[/pet] and [pet]Winter Reindeer[/pet] are available since 25th of December under the holiday tree in Ironforge/Orgrimmar, there's always one of them per character per year.

[pet]Grumpling[/pet] is a pet from Frostfire Ridge, Draenor, looted from holiday snow mounds.
A year ago the drop rate was "not too bad" (the pet being yet another Left Shark after the event), not sure, how it's now.

And where can you get that outfit-giving toy, is it the Smokywood gift?! The 2016 tree gift seems to be the other one, an Overwatch reference (a bit awkward to put meta under the tree if you ask me).

Cold logic deems a new winter hat not worth farming.

But a :) anyway.

I have compiled community knowledge & data about pet battle abilities!

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