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must have in 3's

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must have in 3's

Postby Nikkip » November 23rd, 2016, 11:37 am

Are there any pets that are must have in max amount? I have a few I use as doubles/triples. Like the nexus whelpling and albino chimerialing. need to get my hands on 2 more S/S Death adders. anything you can't live without more then 1 of?

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Re: must have in 3's

Postby Gráinne » November 23rd, 2016, 2:18 pm

I just looked at my triples.

They break down into categories:

1. Historic.

Back in the glory days when I was farming Pandaria and the Tournament, and bandages were rare, there were several utility pets that I doubled or tripled so that I would always have one available without healing. I remember was so pleased with myself when I could get all the way around Pandaria without needing to visit a Stable Master. :) Anubisath Idol, Chrominius, Pandaren Water Spirit, Blighted Squirrel belong in this category.

Bandages are everywhere now; all of my characters are swimming in them, but I do still have the habit of "keeping a spare" of much used pets.

2. Breeds.

I specifically want multiple breeds of some pets, like Qiraji Guardling, Blackfuse Bombling, Minfernal, Gilnean Raven, Nether Faerie Dragon.

Sometimes I never quite made up my mind which breed I wanted, and just kept the extra ones even though I don't use the pet much. Albino Chimaeraling is my prime example, since it's near the top of my list alphabetically.

3. Team of 2 or 3

Sometimes I want a raw power team to blow away a battle quickly without having to think. I'm using these teams a lot at the moment for Legion World Quests. Some were handy in the Garrison as well. Throw one of those teams where you have a type advantage, and it's all over. They were also especially handy for Family Familiar, of course.

I think this is what you were asking about - actual teams of 3.

Nexus Whelpling
Bone Serpent
Iron Starlette
Zandalari Anklerender

are the triples that save me time and attention regularly. Like Dirty Harry, you don't assign them to a case - you just turn them loose. :)

4. Just haven't had to cull.

I have a P/P and a H/H Emperor Crab, and I want them both. I also have a third - another P/P. I don't ever expect to use two P/Ps in the same team, but I hate releasing a Blue 25 Emperor Crab.

5. Storage

Some pets are tradeable, and I might sell them someday, or I used to sell them, but the market hasn't been good, or I am raising them to sell. I used to make good gold from trading pets, but not so much anymore. However, I am definitely left with "stock", from interesting, like Hatespark, to garbage, like Voidcallers and Weebs.

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Re: must have in 3's

Postby Noel » November 23rd, 2016, 2:53 pm

For those looking for S/S Death Adders, the Rose Taipan is the same thing and a free catch! No need to farm snakes all day anymore :)

That said I collected an H/H, S/S and a P/P (just in case?!?)

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Re: must have in 3's

Postby Peanutty » November 23rd, 2016, 4:12 pm

If by "must have" you mean it's required or there's some form of content you can't get through, then no, there's not a single pet where you'd require more than 1.

I know some folks like running different breeds of a pet (i.e. Flayer Youngling) or just tripling up on a pet that's considered very useful (i.e. Nexus Whelpling).

Personally I do not want any duplicates so if a situation arises where x2 or x3 would be ideal, I'll just have to try a different strategy.

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Re: must have in 3's

Postby Nikkip » November 23rd, 2016, 11:06 pm

yes not like must have or you won't win, naw. just must have to make life easier. 3 nexus whelplings= easy fast win with the new pet battle in northern barrens. Yes I do it with one Nexus whelpling and a Sprite Darter too. If I get lucky the Nexus solos it, if not Sprite darter cleans it up Easy peasy

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Re: must have in 3's

Postby Uduwudu » November 24th, 2016, 8:36 am


Can't say I have kept any triples, and in fact I downsized it to doubles since I was almost sure that I would not be able to use them anyway.

But doubles? ... oh yeah ... a lot of them. My favorite example is the Unborn Val'kyr and both of her breeds are very good and worth it, and I use them extensively. Let's see ... 2 Rapana Whelks ... 2 of the Rabbit varieties ... 2 Kun-Lai Runts ... 2 Young Talbuks ... and in many cases these are very useful.

IF, you ever want to learn and see about MOTH's and their breeds and usage, spend some time levelling some pets in the Timeless Isle (23's and 24's only so they can be used, otherwise not worth it! and fights ... sometimes tough!), and you will be able to see and make notes on the wide variety of Moth's and their breeds and even some of the usage, since not all of them have the same starting point depending on their breed and stature.

Other than that, duplicates for duplicates is not on my list at all. There are many other pets you can use that you do not have to use 2 of the same thing anymore ... maybe a couple of years ago, but not today!

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