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Just checking

Post by Skag » September 25th, 2016, 4:30 am

I've been collecting wild pets on the Broken Isles for a week or so now and it's really slow going because there are so few battle pets out there. I'm not even trying to collect rares, I just the collect the first one I get because it takes forever! Right now I'm trying to catch a [pet]Spring Strider[/pet] and I've killed the group 5 times now and not a single battle pet yet. Is this normal or is something wrong with my game?

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Re: Just checking

Post by Sarajiel » September 25th, 2016, 4:53 am

From my own experience playing on a low-pop server with only a dozen or so serious pet collectors I'd say that it is quite normal that you will encounter a wild mix of battle pets and not just the new ones on the Broken Isles. This might be really nice for people who want to catch up on collecting, but quite annoying for the rest of us.

In your specific case regarding the [pet]Spring Strider[/pet] you probably just had a lot of competition from people who were on the Wildlife Conservationist world quest yesterday. I noticed that the required pets can become rather rare during times of this and similar world quests. :(
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