Pet Journal Broken?

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Pet Journal Broken?

Post by Saasan » September 19th, 2016, 5:33 pm

In my in game journal, it shows I have no [pet]Eldritch Manafiend[/pet] despite me having caught a rare. In my journal here, I see one listed. Anyone else notice discrepancies? I honestly didn't even try to summon the little fella because I assumed I stupidly released it (I had just released a number of duplicate pets). Oddly, it had previously shown that I both had and had not caught it, leading me to wonder if there were two nearly identical pets (one caught at night and one during the day) which does not appear to be the case. I'll update if I figure this out! I did notice that the in game journal took a while to notice a few pets.

UPDATE: That is EXACTLY the case--which is to say, a morning and evening pet. [pet]Erudite Manafiend[/pet] is the other culprit. I will leave this up as a warning to others: do not adjust pet journals when sleep deprived. Also, there are nearly identical pets in Azsuna.

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