Shiny White Mountain Cottontail no longer Shiny

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Shiny White Mountain Cottontail no longer Shiny

Post by Valianya » July 20th, 2016, 7:55 pm

So I was lucky enough to catch a shiny white [pet]Mountain Cottontail[/pet] bunny some time ago. However, with the new rabbit models, I went to check what it looked like.

In the pet journal, my Shiny White Cottontail appears to be a Shiny yellow-gold color with red eyes. However, upon summoning, it is neither Shiny, nor golden. Instead, it seems there is no new skin for the Shiny White skin, and it alternates between White, White-and-Brown, and Brown. None of the skins are Shiny.

It seems the unique rare Shiny skin is dead and gone.

Are there any other pets that have lost their unique skin or size due to the updated skins?

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