If warcraftpets had a battle pet...

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If warcraftpets had a battle pet...

Post by Felixinseattle » June 29th, 2016, 2:17 pm

If warcraftpets was honored by blizzard with a battle pet what would it be:?:

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Re: If warcraftpets had a battle pet...

Post by Paladance » June 30th, 2016, 12:19 am

I wanted two, but no time allowed!

Name: Dalaran Arcane Helper
Type: Humanoid
Model: Like a winter helper, but blonde and wearing a mage tier.
Source: Talk to Breanni that now has a line to offer you a random simple riddle to resolve. You get the pet if you answer correctly. She can ask you again, but for your insight only.
Pet journal: "Doesn't even need any arcane ability to look cute."
Unique: Yes
Cageable: No
Rarity: Rare
Breed: P/P (325)
Abilities: [ability]Arcane Blast[/ability], [ability]Whirlwind[/ability], Inscribe (magic wind-up/pump) / [ability]Blinkstrike[/ability], [ability]Plot Twist[/ability], [ability]Soul Ward[/ability]

Thought about polymorphing, but beyond a mere CC. Any ideas?

Subject to change after prepatch.

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